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Social media may not be as social as you think: report

Your company is a social media star. On Facebook, you have 10,000 fans. On Twitter, 7,500 followers. You're 'listening' and 'engaging' on a regular basis.

But are you as socially successful as you think?

According to Impermium, a startup dedicated to curbing spam on social networks, social networks may not be as social as you think they are, which in turn means you may be overestimating your popularity on the social web.


Google continues to fight scrapers, turns to public for help

If you're a publisher, one of the most frustrating experiences is to discover that your content is being scraped by a third party that does not have permission to use your content.

Even more frustrating: when that scraper's website is able to outrank yours for searches related to your own content.

For obvious reasons then, Google has engaged in a considerable effort to thwart scrapers. And now it's turning to the public for additional assistance.


Is Barack Obama losing his social media touch?

When it comes to the use of social media for political campaigning, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, provided the case study in the 2008 election. Using services like Facebook and Twitter to rally and organize his supporters, he was able to run a grassroots campaign that hadn't really been seen before.

After he was sworn in, it looked like social media would continue to play a role in his administration but, for obvious reasons, the President significantly turned down his personal use of social channels. Recently he's been trying to turn it on again, but will he be successful this time around? His recent social media usage hints that the President may have a more challenging time using social media to his benefit in 2012.


Are cracks already showing in Google+?

Google+ may represent the biggest threat Facebook has ever faced since it launched more than half a decade ago. But is Google's new social network, which may be off to the fastest start ever for a social network, already buckling underneath the surface?

Despite the fact that Google may have finally built a social network capable of competing in the market, cracks are showing which raise doubts about Google+'s future prospects.


How to beat Panda: split into multiple sites?

Google's Panda update was designed to eliminate spam and content farm content, thus improving the quality of Google's index and SERPs.

Many sites caught in Panda's grip claim that they were unintended victims of the update, and have sought ways to recover.

Many have been unsuccessful in reestablishing themselves with Google, but according to the Wall Street Journal, one publisher may have found the secret to recovery.


Could email reputation become a Google ranking factor?

In the battle to maintain the quality of its SERPs, Google is increasingly tweaking its algorithm. Since there are only so many on-page ranking factors for Google to consider, it's logical to expect that off-page ranking factors will only become more numerous and important over time.

At least one website operator believes these off-page factors may now include email reputation. Jake Ludington, who runs, noticed a drop in his traffic in April, and after looking at his website, came to the conclusion that his email newsletter must have caused the drop.


Facebook photo spammers target popular brands

Converse is a well-loved brand with a fantastic history. I remember buying my first pair of All-Stars like it was yesterday (it wasn’t). 

The company has sold 800m pairs of All-Stars, to the likes of Joey Ramone, Kurt Cobain and Snoop Dogg. 

As such it comes as no surprise to discover that the brand is popular on Facebook, although the scale of its popularity is somewhat jaw-dropping.

Blocked! Google takes a page from Blekko

Blocked! Google takes a page from Blekko

Recently, Google has stepped up its effort to improve the quality of its SERPs. But despite its effort, which seems as concerted as it is genuine, one thing is clear: there's only so much that can be done.

Google can't uncover every paid link, and even after cracking down on content farms, there are those who think it hasn't done enough.


Email break-ups aren’t so very hard to do

“It’s not you, it’s me. Actually no, it is you. You keep sending me boring, irrelevant emails that I don’t want. Our email relationship was going really well at the beginning  but now its fizzled out and I’m unsubscribing from your emails. For one thing, you just send me way too much. It comes across a bit...desperate."

As an email marketer, does reading this make you cringe? Are you afraid this is what your email subscribers would say to you if they had the chance?

The unsubscribe process doesn’t have to be as painful as a “Dear John” break-up letter, but with the way some brands go about it, it might as well be.


12 sure-fire ways to spot a dirty Twitter spammer

12 sure-fire ways to spot a dirty Twitter spammerIn recent weeks I have seen a definite increase in Twitter spam, and it's something that I think Twitter needs to get on top of and smother. Make no mistake: spam is always a threat to the user experience.

Sometimes spammers will follow you. Other times they’ll just send you a tweet. All of the time they totally suck.

It’s not at all difficult to spot a spammer... here are 12 ways to identify one of these timewasting losers on Twitter. Spam, be damned.


Promoted Trends: a spammer's best friend?

Long gone are the days when one could criticize Twitter for being a revenue-less startup without a business model. Today, Twitter does have a business model, and several commercial offerings.

One of those commercial offerings: Promoted Trends, which gives brands the ability to insert themselves into Twitter's Trending Topics list.


The Daily Kos wants to manipulate Google's SERPs. Will Google let it?

Can a Google bomb win an election? With the upcoming election in the United States just weeks away and one political party facing major losses, the Daily Kos, a popular liberal blog, is turning to Google to help Democratic candidates.

The plan: organize a Google bomb to direct voters to the most disparaging articles about Republican candidates.