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Q&A: Andrew Campbell on eCRM and social CRM

Andrew CampbellCRM strategist and consultant Andrew Campbell is the author of our recently published Customer Relationship Management in the Social Age Best Practice Guide

Here, he answers some questions about social CRM and other topics covered in the guide.


Do brands need to care about Vine?

It launched, like no other social network before it, with instructions on how to create the perfect steak tartare and very quickly, became all about spam, pornography and regulation. 

Vine is one of the raft of new launches from Twitter. It’s novel, it’s got some spammy teething problems and it’s already had its first #fail

But, assuming that all of this can be fixed (and this is social behemoth Twitter we’re talking about, so that’s a fair assumption) what does Vine mean for brands?

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Digital marketers in South-East Asia struggle with skills gaps: new report

Econsultancy has published a freely available trends briefing about digital trends in South-East Asia, based on the second Digital Cream Singapore event for senior client-side digital marketers held in November.

Key issues for those attending were the lack of resources and skills, and the challenge of creating mobile-ready environments.


Your brand journey is never finished

Branding is both an art and a science and it's a living, breathing discipline that’s always changing. We can’t take a class, get a degree, and sit back on our laurels and say we’re brand “experts”. Even those of us who have been successfully making a living for a long time in building and managing brands need to stay on our toes.

That’s because we live in a world where there are unprecedented changes in technology, social media and consumer macro trends, and all of these have an impact on the way we create strong brands that engage our consumers.

The good news is there has never been a more exciting time to be a digital marketer. The bad news is that it’s never been more challenging.

That’s why if you’re going to be in the game, you’ve got to play to win and commit to continual learning. 


How to optimise your funnel: free B2B digital marketing briefing

Econsultancy last month held Europe's largest conference devoted to B2B marketing and sales.

Our London FUNNEL event at the Emirates stadium saw some of the world's leading B2B business experts present to an audience across four streams: Plan, Align, Attract and Engage. 

The thoughts and insights shared that day, along with case studies illustrating best practice, have been used to create our B2B Digital Marketing Briefing, which is free to download.


Adoption of marketing attribution driven by social and mobile

The rise of social media and mobile usage has led to an increased interest in marketing attribution, according to the latest Econsultancy/Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing. 

The new report, Making Sense of Marketing Attribution, is based on a survey of more than 700 marketers based predominantly in Europe and North America. 

It finds that just under half of respondents are more focused on marketing attribution as a result of mobile and social. 

More highlights follow...


This week's top six infographics

Once again we round up six of the best infographics we've seen this week.

The topics include the best time of day to send an email, smart shopping for the holiday season and software project management.

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Who on earth would be the Old Spice Social Strategist for W&K?

One of the more innovative uses of social media to revitalise an ailing brand was the YouTube campaign for Old Spice. 

The videos, created by Wieden & Kennedy, were widely acclaimed and incredibly popular, accounting for the vast majority of the 307m views accumulated on the Old Spice YouTube channel.

As such, you might think that W&K has a deep understanding of social media, and what makes audiences tick.

It is therefore quite a struggle to make sense of its latest job ad, for a ‘Social Strategist’, to work on the Old Spice account.


Social media and brands in Australia [infographic]

Australians love social media - that much is clear - but if you’ve ever wondered what sites have the highest membership per state or why consumers follow certain brands on Twitter and Facebook over others, then this infographic is for you. 

Developed by Marketing magazine and Transmission Design, the infographic looks at the way consumers use social media and what they want from brands. It uses figures from Nielsen’s 'Australian Online Consumer Report' and the results show some interesting stats for how retailers should be using their social media. 

Email Marketing

Email: the forgotten social network

When we think of social media in the US, we think of popular channels such as Facebook and Twitter.  

However, there is one that is often overlooked but is just as important in your integrated marketing mix: email.

Email marketing’s intent and the behavior it tries to produce is similar to the other social channels and this will prove why the rumors of email marketing’s demise are greatly exaggerated.


Facebook engagement up 896% in Q3, says Adobe

Facebook marketers are achieving significant increases in engagement, according to a new report from Adobe.

Engagement - defined as likes, comments and shares – grew by 896% year-on-year, which the report says is largely attributable to the introduction of Facebook Timeline.

Other factors such as new acquisition and engagement metrics, and more effective social marketing also had an impact.

Adobe's latest Digital Index report shows that mobile users now account for nearly one quarter of all Facebook engagement, up four-fold from the period prior to the Timeline format.

This reflects the huge increase in social networking on mobile, with a study by Deloitte showing that social is the third most popular smartphone activity behind email and search.

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Seven ways PRs should be helping their clients' SEO strategies

The convergence of PR and SEO has been a hotly debated topic on the Econsultancy blog in recent months.

It began with a guest blog urging PRs to get a grip on SEO, followed by a post warning that SEOs will slaughter careless PR agencies.

Both articles stirred a great reaction in the comments section, with the general consensus being that SEO and PR need to work together to help achieve common goals.

Text 100’s digital and social lead Lance Concannon also addressed the topic at a PRCA event discussing the future of search and SEO.

Concannon stated that PRs should find out who owns SEO within their client’s business and build a relationship with them so they can better coordinate their efforts.