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Q&A: Simon Guild of Bigpoint on the social gaming revolution

Thanks to the popularity of social networks and online communities, the social gaming industry is booming. It's no longer a niche sector, and online games are now popular with people of all ages and demographics.

In fact, contrary to long-standing stereotypes, a survey published earlier this year revealed that the average social gamer is a 43-year-old woman.

Social gaming is a fast-moving landscape, and becoming increasingly significant as consumers are spending a greater proportion of their time playing online games. As evidence of this, London hosted the first European Social Gaming Summit at Chelsea Football Club recently, which explored the evolution of this rapidly emerging sector. 

At the Summit. I caught up with Simon Guild, Chairman of the Board at Bigpoint Games, to discuss the latest trends in online and browser-based social games and the future direction of the industry. 

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Lessons from Apple’s social networking #fail with Ping

iTunes adThere are many things digital marketers can learn about customer engagement from Apple. How to launch and sustain your own social network is not one of them. Two months after the launch of Ping, Apple’s music social network is failing to resonate with users. (It's dead in the water, if you ask Fast Company).

What can smaller brands take away from the experience?


Social Media: conspicuous without the consumption

It's no coincidence that the rise of social media has coincided with the abrupt end of America's thirty year consumer binge.


Which social networks are right for your business?

The internet is a big place, and marketers need to choose the correct channels to generate awareness and love for their products. It has never been more important to do this. Traditional marketing channels are an economy of limited resources, but move online and you’re suddenly faced with an ecology of limitless possibilities. 

A quick search for ‘Social Media’ will return hundreds, if not thousands of results and communities. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter may be the big names, but are they right for you and your business? If not, what are the alternatives?


Half of US web users visited Facebook this month

social network growthSocial networks continue to grow, and increasingly they're becoming a core part of Americans' online lives. This according to a just-released Experian study rife with interesting numbers, but also with misleading terminology surrounding consumer social media habits, most notably the loaded (and misapplied) term "addiction".


SESNY: Can social networks replace Google?

The social web has grown exponentially in the last year, and in that time, Twitter has grown from a technological frivolity to a traffic generator for many websites.

Today at Search Engine Strategies New York, panelists at the Search Marketing: Analyze This talk brought up social media referrals in relation to Google.

Is social media driving more traffic to websites than Google? No. But that doesn't mean that SEO strategists should ignore it.


CNN's Jonathan Klein: TV Ratings don't matter. We're competing with social networks.

It's not unusual to hear someone from a television network that's not in first place to claim that ratings don't matter. And CNN's Jonathan Klein is no different.

Speaking at the 2010 Media Summit in New York, the president of CNN said that television ratings don't paint an accurate picture of his network's strengths. But his reasoning is interesting — it's not because FOX is beating them there, but due to competition from online sources that aren't being tracked by the Nielsen ratings.


Ten golden rules for building social networks & forums

For some companies, marketing through social networks isn’t enough, they want to create their own social spaces to attract visitors.

Here are ten tips for building social networks and forums...


Friendster makes a break for the Asian market

Friendster may not be fresh in your mind when it comes to social media, but the pioneering social nework is relaunching tomorrow. And if it looks like the site has a newly Asian focus, there's a reason for that. Friendster just got bought by an Asian company.


Facebook wins $711 million anti-spam lawsuit. But social spam is here to stay.

By now everyone online is accustomed to receiving and filtering spam in their inboxes, but recent spamming attacks on social sites like Facebook have caught many by surprise. Facebook is hoping to change all that, with a court win this week against uber spammer Sanford Wallace.

Facebook hopes that a $711 million fine and the threat of jail time will not only sideline Wallace, but function as a deterrent to future social spammers. But let's be honest. That's not going to happen.

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Facebook Fan Box and what it means for brands

Facebook has just launched Fan Box, a new widget. This is great news for brands wanting to grow a Facebook fan page. But it's probably going to drive traffic in the wrong direction for most brands.


Social networking -- a different kind of friendship

Have you ever wondered how close (and mutually influential) the social network friendships are? If you're an online marketer, you more than likely have; especially when Facebook opened up for ads a few months ago.