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What Apple's iPad 2 sales mean for tablets


Turning lead into gold may be little more than a dream, but Apple seems to have mastered the alchemy of turning an iPad containing components reportedly worth a little more than $300 into gold.

With the release of the iPad 2, consumers lined up outside of Apple Stores waiting to get their hands on the company's newest tablet.

Not surprisingly given the lines, analysts see strong sales. Some are estimating that the company sold more than 1m iPad 2s in its debut weekend.


Six top tips for integrating social media into B2B selling

Social media is now a proven and important element of most digital marketing campaigns and the majority of marketing practitioners will be comfortable with how it integrates into their existing communication programmes.

However, there is still a dearth of information on how social media integrates with and supports selling and engagement activities.


Is it too early to analyse ROI from the Old Spice campaign?

Earlier this month, social media darlings around the internet were singing the praises of Old Spice, with Mashable claiming that the now infamous campaign was the "future of marketing" and that the agency involved, Wieden + Kennedy, had set a "standard marketing experts will admire and follow in the years to come."

Now, various marketing blogs and online news sources are reporting that sales have "fallen by 7%." But, with barely a week gone since Mr Old Spice conversed with "everyone" on YouTube, is it simply too early to predict ROI from the campaign?

Looking at the numbers, it seems the original analysis of the drop in sales may be flawed, given that it's somewhat premature to announce a verdict about the campaign's success or indeed, failure at this stage.


Study: People who follow brands in social media are much more likely to shop with them in the real world

Today Facebook was revealed by Hitwise to be America's most popular website. And considering how many brands have boosted sales with successful social media, you have to hope that social has gotten past the barrier of engaging frivolity for most brands.

But for those that still need convincing, a new study has found that consumers are twice as likely to purchase products from brands they follow on Facebook or Twitter.

How can your brand start getting in on those sales figures? Make sure you're giving customers what they're looking for in social.


Study: free e-books are good for print sales

Does giving away free product lead to more sales? Many argue that, online, it does. But there are an equal number of skeptics. So who is right?

When it comes to how free e-books influence print sales, a study published in the Winter 2010 edition of the Journal of Electronic Publishing concluded that giving away free e-books is often good for business, at least in the short-term.


Christmas 2009 e-commerce stats round up

Now it's a few weeks after Christmas, a few more stats on sales figures over the festive period have been released by various retailers and research firms. 

Predictions for e-commerce sales were generally rosy in the run up to Christmas, and this seems to have been the case so far... 


Christmas Day online sales up 29%

More people are choosing to do their online shopping on Christmas Day than ever before, with sales rising by 29% to reach £132m.

Boxing Day saw even higher sales of £281m, according to IMRG. These stats are backed up by an eDigitalResearch survey (PDF) of consumers' online activity over Christmas.

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What recession? UK online shoppers buying more, spending more: report

Times are still tough but don't tell that to online shoppers, who are apparently buying more items and spending more on orders.

That's according to Coremetrics, which announced the results of a Benchmark Survey that looked at the sales of 150 top online retailers in the UK in the two weeks leading up to December 7.


Five must-use sales value propositions

I was having dinner the other night with a friend and the discussion turned to business. He told me about a product he was distributing and I got the subtle hint that he was trying to pique my interest as a potential customer. As he was talking, it occurred it me that he was selling a product, not a solution.

It's an experience you've probably had before too more times than you can remember: someone is trying to sell you something and all they talk about is the product. What it does, how it works, how it was conceived, who is using it, etc. What is left out: what it's doing for you.


Dell eclipses $3 million in Twitter-driven sales

While multiple e-tailers are still looking for ways to cash in on Twitter followers, some are already reaping the rewards. Dell made an astonishing announcement yesterday. 

The company's has landed over $2 million in sales since June 2007, half of which were generated over the period of the last 6 months. The second million was driven in by "posting offers and responding to questions on"