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Publishing plus: managing inventory to the publishers and advertisers benefit

Recent research from Google put some solid figures behind a notion that has been common knowledge in our industry for some time - consumers are using a mix of phones, tablets, computer and TVs to consume digital content.

However, a point to consider beyond this isn’t just the number of devices that are commonly used to digest content, but the sheer amount of content consumed in total. 


VEVO turns to real-time bidding to move unsold pre-roll inventory

Despite challenges and turbulence, adoption of real-time bidding (RTB) is growing and expectations are still high that RTB will be able to deliver on its promise.

One of the big questions that lingers, however, is just how big an impact will RTB have on the online advertising ecosystem outside of display. Take video, for instance. Skeptics make interesting points about RTB's potential shortcomings in the video space and suggest that RTB may not be as applicable to video.

Are the skeptics right? That remains to be seen, but in the meantime, RTB continues to make inroads in video. The latest example of that: yesterday VEVO announced the launch of an RTB platform that it will use to move unsold pre-roll ad inventory.


Five things your agency isn't telling you

Companies have more opportunities than ever to reach consumers thanks in large part to the proliferation of digital channels, but taking advantage of those opportunities can be difficult.

From display and mobile to social and video, figuring out the best way to use digital channels is no small undertaking.

So it's no surprise that many companies turn to agencies for answers.


New report reveals turbulent nature of RTB ad costs and CTRs

Real-time bidding (RTB) is no longer an unknown entity for marketers, but equally it has yet to reach a clear tipping point in terms of mainstream adoption.

It’s not far off that point though and the launch of Facebook’s RTB network should hasten the move towards more widespread investment.

However a recent study found that one of the biggest concerns among media buyers is that they would be buying low quality inventory, which in turn may damage their brand.

So clearly marketers still need to be educated as to the potential benefits of RTB.

Our new Real-Time Bidding Buyer’s Guide contains detailed information about the trends and issues affecting the online display advertising sector, as well as advice about how to find the right RTB platform.

Furthermore, a new report from Infectious Media includes some useful information regarding the RTB market in various European markets.

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Technology is not a panacea for agencies

It's a seemingly great time to be a brand. Our digital world has created numerous challenges in reaching consumers, but thanks to digital channels like social and mobile, there are arguably more opportunities than ever to create connections.

For agencies, whether the digital revolution is a boon isn't always so clear. Yes, agency services are in great demand as a result, but the complexity of digital advertising is creating some significant pain.


Q&A: Criteo's Michael Steckler on display attribution and Facebook's RTB network

Display advertising is an important part of digital marketing, but deciding which platform to go with and how much budget to allocate is a tricky decision for advertisers.

In recent years real-time bidding (RTB) networks have sought to revolutionise the industry by allowing marketers to bid on how much they want to pay for specific consumers.

The power to deliver the right ad, to the right consumer, at the right time is an attractive proposition for marketers, so it’s no surprise that Facebook launched its own RTB network last month.

But with so much consumer data to play with and a number of different vendors to choose from, display can appear to be a complex marketing channel for advertisers.

To simplify the process, Criteo introduced a search-like performance model for display where advertisers only pay for engagements resulting from post-click conversions.

So to find out more about targeted ads, Facebook’s new RTB network and where display should fit into an attribution model, I spoke to Criteo’s managing director for Northern Europe and Benelux Michael Steckler.


Five ways to unlock the value of performance marketing

Performance marketing used to be simple. Search and affiliates loosely covered the space, the internet was accessed via a single device and conversion rates were good (8.4% in 2006, according to IMRG).  

Performance channels were clearly defined and we knew what to measure. So what happened? 

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Soul-searching in the world of display advertising

This month has been a busy time for the online display advertising world with the huge dmexco trade show in Cologne followed by AdTech and two display-focused conferences taking place in London last week.

This post covers some of the main trends and challenges discussed at these events, some of which were outlined in my State of Display presentation at OMMA Display.

While there is much excitement around the growth of real-time bidding, there has also been plenty of realism and candour about the industry's on-going struggle to address the issues which are preventing brand advertisers from investing more of their advertising budgets.  


Is real-time bidding (RTB) for video overhyped?

The market for real-time bidding (RTB) may be a nascent one, but many experts believe RTB will have a significant impact on the ways marketers buy media and the ecosystem of companies in the space is growing rapidly as evidenced by our new Real Time Bidding (RTB) Buyer's Guide.

Although much of the RTB action has been in the display market thus far, the amount of RTB video inventory available is growing too and is expected to account for nearly a quarter (22%) of online video spend in 2013.

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The truth about Real-Time Bidding (RTB): experts' view

Last week, we released a new Real Time Bidding (RTB) Buyer's Guide and an infographic on the RTB ecosystem. Though only a small percentage of marketers take advantage of this area of marketing, those who do are finding it to be one of the most efficient ways to reach customers across multiple touch points through a single campaign.

As there is still some confusion around this area, we reached out to four marketers deeply entrenched in RTB to find out what they think of it, the advantage of making it part of your spend and how it will affect the future of marketing.

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Real-time bidding inventory grows 14% per month in Q2

The amount of pre-roll video advertising inventory available for real-time bidding grew by 14% per month in Q2, topping 29.9m streams per day in July according to data from TubeMogul.

As a result of the increase in ad space CPMs declined to £4.97 in Q2 from £6.47 in Q1.

The growth of the RTB video market is a trend identified in our new Real-Time Bidding Buyer’s Guide. In the US alone, RTB will account for around 15% of online video spend in 2012 and is forecast to account for 22% in 2013.

The increase in spending is partly attributed to the fact that the capabilities around audience buying and creative optimisation are a natural fit for video advertising.

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The real time world of display advertising. Part two: dynamic creative

Disruptive technological advancements in display advertising have opened a wealth of options for marketers. They can optimise as never before by running personalized, cost-effective, scalable campaigns, in real time.

In the fast-paced world of online advertising, enhanced targeting can generate real time decision making and thus create performance uplift. 

Making sense of this real time revolution is a formidable task. My goal in this series is to help marketers put things in place while offering practical advice. In part one, I discussed real time bidding (RTB).

Now, part two is dedicated to dynamic creative.  

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