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Dave and Goliath - the battle for TV audiences

Anyone who has walked down Great Portland Street in London in the past week will have probably noticed the huge ad covering the Virgin Media offices for the new TV digital channel “Dave”.

But can the self-proclaimed 'Home of witty banter' really compete against the Goliath that is online video streaming for the share of viewers' attention?


Google creates video ad network

Google is looking to extend the reach of its online video ads by allowing its Adsense partners to display ad-supported YouTube videos.

The move, another attempt by Google to monetise its $1.76bn purchase of YouTube a year ago, will see it sharing revenue with publishers that add its ‘video units’ to their sites.


WPP buys interactive agency

‘Sir Martin Sorrell’s WPP’ has made another foray into the online ad world, this time with a deal for LA-based interactive agency Schematic.

The acquisition, reckoned to be worth around $100m if targets are met, will see Schematic folded into the ad giant’s digital unit.


Advertisers face video balancing act has released some figures highlighting how the length of online video ad spots can influence consumers' responses.

The data, taken from's network and a survey hosted by InsightExpress, found longer pre-rolls delivered higher CTRs but shorter ads performed better in terms of complete views.


Hi-Media buys photo sharing site

US-based photo sharing site Fotolog has been bought by French ad network Hi-Media Group in a deal valued at $90m.

The move will see Hi-Media attempting to use its online advertising and micro-payments systems to better monetise the site, which says it is experiencing strong growth in Europe.

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Yahoo! confirms Actionality buy

Yahoo! has confirmed it has bought German software firm Actionality to boost its mobile offering for advertisers.

The deal, which has been rumoured for a couple of weeks, will give Yahoo! ownership of Actionality’s mobile marketing platform in return for an undisclosed sum.


Google launches in-video ads on YouTube

Google’s grand plan for YouTube is set to take a step forward today with the launch of in-video ads for a small group of the site’s clients.

The move, coming almost a year after Google’s $1.65bn purchase of the video sharing site, will see the web giant going out on a limb in its choice of format in a bid not to annoy the site’s 130m viewers.


Interview: Ministry of Sound's Jim Haysom

Dance brand Ministry of Sound claims to have been generating clickthrough rates as high as 5-9% after launching pre-roll online video ads - well higher than the industry average for banners of under 1%.

We asked head of digital sales Jim Haysom a few questions about its video advertising, and other ways it plans to monetise its rich media content.


AJAX and accessibility - Jaws to the rescue?

RIAs like Ajax often have an accessibility weak spot since they need to work with JavaScript off to meet the basic accessibility guidelines.

Rumour has it that the next version of the popular screen reader Jaws may be able to handle Ajax interfaces. 


Google adds developers' Mapplets to maps

Google Maps has launched an on-site applets platform that could do for the mapping tool what Apps have done for Facebook.

Mapplets are mini web applications that can be bolted on to extend a user's Google Maps experience with a range of new functions, from petrol prices to Manchester's Metro system.


IBM serves up Second Life Wimbledon

Imagine a Wimbledon where rain never stops play. IBM has recreated the tennis event inside Second Life.

photo: Ian Hughes/Snapzilla


Neutrogena sponsors Lonelygirl15 'branded character'

Skincare products line Neutrogena will sponsor a whole character in the popular internet video drama Lonelygirl15.

The Johnson & Johnson company has inked a two-month deal that will add to the plot a 22-year-old Neutrogena scientist who helps lead character Bree develop a serum to defeat an evil organisation known as The Order.