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EBay: iPad app review

Having been available in the US for a few months, eBay released an updated version of its iPad app for international sites recently. 

The online auction giant has already been very successful with its mobile strategy, with mobile sites and apps, so I've been trying the iPad app out.. 


Rightmove & Primelocation: iPad app reviews

Two of the first apps released for the iPad since Friday's release are property search apps for and Rightmove. 

I've been comparing the two property search apps... 


Twitter's official iPhone app reviewed

Yesterday saw the release of the official Twitter iPhone app, which is basically a newer version of the popular Tweetie app, which Twitter acquired recently.

The move also puts Twitter in direct competition with other app developers, who may be a bit peeved at the fact that this app is available free of charge.

I've been trying the new app out...


App review: WINEfindr

WINEfindr is, according to the App Store description, the world's first visual search enabled price comparison wine app.' 

I noticed this app in the 'featured' section of the App Store, and as someone who likes a glass of wine or two, I downloaded it. However, for me, it didn't really delver on this promise. 


App review: Nigella on iPhone

Nigella Lawson is the latest TV chef to release an iPhone cooking app, Nigella's Quick Collection from Random House, which contains 70 recipes, along with videos.

I've been trying the new app out...  

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Fight club: Labour and Conservative iPhone apps compared

In an attempt to get with the times and extend their campaigning to mobile users, both major parties have been releasing iPhone apps. 

I've been comparing the iPhone apps recently released by both Labour and the Conservative Party. I would have reviewed the Lib Dem app as well, but they haven't released one... 


Warehouse and MyDeco: iPhone apps round up

Both MyDeco and Warehouse both recently released iPhone apps. I've been trying them out... 


Review: MSN Video Player

Microsoft launched its own rival to the iPlayer last week, the MSN video player, which features thousands of hours of free programming.

It isn't a rival to the BBC as far as catch-up TV is concerned, but it does have archive content, something the iPlayer doesn't offer, as well as more recent content. 

I've been trying the MSN Video Player out... 


National Trust: iPhone app review

The National Trust has just released an iPhone app which pinpoints properties and places of interest near the user's location, something which could be a good way for the Trust to attract more casual visitors to its sites. 

I've been trying out the app...


What the BBC's strategic review actually says about online

The BBC’s strategic review has created a lot of fuss – especially around the closure of 6 Music and the supposed “halving” of its website.

To save you having to read the review, here’s what it actually says about the BBC’s online presence (and given the amount of confusing repetition in the report, I should be given a medal for saving you having to read it – can I suggest getting some more editors for the next strategic review?)


Next: iPhone app review

Next has just launched an iPhone app with a large range of stock to browse through, and full mobile commerce functionality. 

I've been trying out the new Next app to see how user friendly it is... 


Wagamama: iPhone app review

Restaurant chain Wagamama has launched an iPhone app for ordering from its restaurants, the first app of its kind in the UK. 

In the US, Burger King and Pizza Hut have both managed to drive incremental sales through ordering apps, so perhaps a Wagamama app could work. I've been trying it out...

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