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The pros and cons of QR codes

QR codes can be a great response mechanism for mobile users, and have many potential uses for brands. 

Here is a rundown of the pros and cons of QR codes, as well as some examples of how to get it right... 


Eight creative uses of QR codes

QR codes are easy to set up, and offer a range of possible uses for marketers, on product packaging, in shop window displays, in print advertising and more. When used well, they provide a quick response mechanism, and appeal to consumers' curiosity.

Whether they will ever become widely adopted is unclear, as there is a potential barrier in that people need to actively download a code reader app first, though there are ways to overcome this. For example, retailers could start to add QR readers to their mobile apps, while there is talk of the iPhone5 having a pre-installed reader. 

Here are eight examples of how QR codes have been used, mainly from retailers. Please suggest any other great examples you've seen...


Q&A: Radisson Edwardian on QR codes and social media

Radisson Edwardian, which operates several hotels around the UK, has been running some innovative social media campaigns recently. 

These include adding QR codes to its menus, which send users to videos of dishes being prepared, as well as a new Foursquare campaign offering late checkouts. 

I've been speaking to Radisson Edwardian's E-commerce Manager Amy Clarke, as well as Aalia Walker from I Spy, the agency behind these campaigns. 


What does the explosion of social media mean for mobile?

In the early 2000s, two important things happened: RIM launched the first Blackberry Smartphone optimised for wireless email use in 2002, and two years later, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room, helping to establish one of the biggest internet phenomena of the 21st century: social networking.

Now, in 2011, the paths of mobile technology and social networking are inextricably linked, in fact, according to eMarketer, by March 2010, 650m people globally were using their mobile for emails and social networking.


Can Blippar make QR codes redundant?

Blippar, which launches in a few weeks, is a new augmented reality mobile app, which aims to make it easier for mobile users to interact with offline advertising. 

The apps use image recognition to launch interactive content on the user's phone, so an image or logo on the ad is the trigger to launch content on the phone. 


Ten ways marketers can use QR Codes

QR (Quick Response) codes are much talked about at the moment, but will the adoption of such a simple yet powerful code change the landscape of digital marketing in 2011? 

Here are ten ways that QR codes could be implemented into businesses, whether B2B or B2C. You will have heard of some of these, but i'm sure there are a few you haven't...


Google gets more local & more mobile

google locationGoogle Places. That's the new name of Google's Local Business Center. The search giant has rolled out a host of new features for local advertisers, including a mobile dimension that could help push QR codes into the mainstream.


Facebook QR codes could finally teach people how to use them

QR codes have slowly been gaining traction among advertisers and publishers in the U.S., but they may finally be about to break through to the consumer conscious — Facebook appears to be testing QR codes on its profile pages.


Google takes another stab at QR codes. Will it work this time?

The American market may be quick to catch onto some things, but the adoption of QR codes has not been one of them. The two-dimensional bar codes, that point to a destination online when captured with a smartphone, have taken off in some markets (they're huge in Japan!) but have not been met with widespread adoption stateside.

This week, Google announced a broad plan to introduce QR code stickers in the windows of over 100,000 local businesses nationwide. Could this be the tipping point that imbeds the QR code in the American conscience? Well, that will depend on a few things.


Create and use your personal QR code in five minutes

QR codes are smart barcodes that have a lot of potential to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing.

QR codes are image-based links to information. QR stands for ‘quick response’... instead of remembering and typing a URL / phone number you just take a picture of a QR code, and it does the rest.

In a nut, here’s how it works:

  1. You create a code (an image).
  2. Someone takes a picture of it on a smartphone. 
  3. The code is deciphered via a QR reader. 
  4. It becomes a link to provide the viewer with information. 

In a moment I’ll show you how to set one up...


The year of mobile: fact or fiction?

Will 2010 be the year of mobile? It's the perennial question and it's certainly getting closer. Improving handset technology and increased demand for the mobile internet are propelling the industry forward. Econsultancy's new Mobile Marketing Buyer's Guide explores the various developments that are removing the barriers to growth.