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IAB study reveals 80% of smartphone owners shop on their device

As we round off the long weekend of deals with Cyber Monday, we have officially started the holiday season which can account for 20-40% of retailer's annual sales. This year, the NRF has estimated an increase of 4.1% of holiday sales to the tune of $586.1 billion with projections of $2 billion in online sales today in the US and Europe alone. 

But retailers can't forget the importance of mobile. 16% of consumers are estimated to shop on their mobiles over the holiday season, up from 13% in 2011. As mobile becomes even more of a keystone in holiday campaigns and shopping, it's import to understand how consumers are using their devices.

The IAB in partnership with Prosper Mobile Insights released its second annual Mobile Shoppers study to show where mobile shopping hotspots are around the US as well as how consumers are influenced by apps and digital coupons.


QR code road test shows brands still offer a dreadful user experience

While browsing through the free Sport magazine on the tube this morning I noticed that a number of the ads included QR codes.

I never scan QR codes largely because the user experience always used to be quite poor.

But as the technology has been around for a while now surely marketers avoid the cardinal sins of failing to include a call-to-action then linking to desktop pages?

I tested all the QR codes I could find in Sport to find out...


Majority of retailers expect 5% sales drop due to showrooming: report

As shoppers prepare to descend on their favorite stores this Friday as the holiday shopping season gets underway, retailers are preparing to greet them with deals that they hope will be too good to pass up.

Retailers are optimistic about their prospects this year, but they're arguably going to have to work harder than ever if they want to maximize their sales. The reason? More and more consumers are deciding to shop from home on Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend, forcing retailers to hone their online and offline strategies.

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62% of Australian consumers don’t know what QR codes are

QR codes continue to be the hot potato within the marketing industry and this was especially apparent during Econsultany’s recent Digital Cream Sydney event, not least on the mobile table. 

Arguably QR codes seem to invoke a general divide amongst marketers – you either love or hate them – and they’re something that Econsultancy has written about more than numerous times, ranging across great examples in practice, through to the shockingly bad

But what’s the consumer appetite for QR codes? 

In association with Toluna, Econsultancy surveyed more than a thousand Australian consumers to explore this question and, despite a general enthusiasm amongst marketers for the mobile channel, it turns out that the majority of consumers seemingly don’t even know what a QR code is...


Eight best practice tips for using QR codes in marketing

Over the past couple of years, QR codes have cropped up everywhere from billboards to ketchup bottles.

They became the must-have gimmick for marketers, even when they didn’t actually offer consumers any relevant or useful content.

In recent months frivolous uses of QR codes seems to be less prevalent as marketers have realised that people don’t scan them in huge numbers, if at all.

But that doesn’t mean that QR codes are useless. We previously reported studies which show that 19% of UK consumers have scanned a QR code, with 3.3m people doing it in Q2 alone. We’ve also found several examples of QR campaigns that worked well.

So if you’re considering using a QR code in your new ad campaign, here are eight tips that you should consider before you do...


10 examples of QR code madness

QR codes can be useful, and there are some great examples of QR campaigns that worked well.

However, there are many more examples of dubious uses as marketers fail to consider the placement of QR codes. 

Here are ten examples of QR codes that are either impossible, very difficult or even dangerous to scan...


Target set to test QR code purchasing this holiday season

QR codes have a long way to go before they're a truly mainstream phenomenon, but brands have been quick to adopt them in an effort to connect online with offline.

That has led to more than a few dubious uses of the codes, but there are signs that companies are getting more savvy about how they apply them.

Case in point: just in time for the holiday shopping season, American retailer Target is launching a new campaign that will enable in-store shoppers to buy 20 featured toys using QR codes.


3.3m UK consumers scanned a QR code in Q2

More than 3m UK consumers used their smartphone to scan QR codes in Q2, according to new data from a comScore survey of 15,000 consumers.

This equates to 11.4% of the total smartphone audience and represents a year-on-year growth of 43%.

But the data suggests that other European nations have actually been quicker on the uptake than the UK. For example, 18.6% of German smartphone owners scanned a QR code in Q2, a YoY growth of 128%.

While in Spain 16% of users have used the technology, up a massive 218% from the same period last year.


Students use Facebook for entertainment, not for offers or discounts

A quarter (24%) of UK students use Google+ compared to 45% who use Twitter, according to a new survey by The Beans Group.

This will be encouraging news for Google, although the question doesn’t ask how often respondents use the site or for how long at a time.

The Youth Insight Report 2012/13, which interviewed 1,698 students during April and May, confirms that Facebook is far and away king of the social networks, with 97% of respondents using the site.

Pinterest is the tenth most popular network (6%), with only Quora (0%) proving to be less popular.


Q&A: NeoMedia CEO Laura Marriott on QR codes

QR codes still have the ability to divide opinion, and finding stats on successful trial is difficult.

But judging by the number we see on billboards and in magazines, marketers are convinced that consumers want to use the technology.

NeoMedia has been involved in the mobile barcode industry since the mid 1990s, and its NeoReader app is installed on over 20m devices worldwide.

To find out more about how marketers can make best use of QR codes, I spoke to CEO Laura Marriott.


Peapod builds virtual grocery store for Chicago commuters

The next time your spouse asks you to pick up the groceries on your way home for work, you won't have to do nearly as much work if your daily commute happens to take you through the State and Lake Station Tunnel in Chicago.

That's because internet grocer Peapod has launched a "virtual grocery store" to the location which lets commuters buy products from brands like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and Kimberly Clark using their mobile phones.


Six QR code campaigns that actually worked

QR codes are now a common feature in marketing campaigns, though many people are often sceptical about their value. 

This scepticism is often justified as, though we have seen some creative examples, QR codes are often used very badly

Also, while it is easy to find creative examples, brands and marketers aren't always forthcoming about revealing the stats around campaigns. 

So here are six examples where we have some stats, and where QR codes have been used effectively...