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Q&A: Payvment CEO Christian Taylor on f-commerce

F-commerce is proving to be a tough nut to crack for many big high street retailers.

Major brands like Gap, J.C. Penney, Nordstrom and Banana Republic have shut down their Facebook stores in recent months after the predicted boom in socially driven sales failed to materialise.

Yet thousands of small and medium sized businesses are making a good living from f-commerce through integrated sales platforms such as Payvment.

Payvment currently powers 150,000 stores and adds 1,500 more each week, accounting for 80% of Facebook shopping

So what is the future for f-commerce and where do the opportunities lie?

We spoke to Payvment CEO Christian Taylor to find out why he thinks the big brands failed and how SMEs are getting it right.


Q&A: eBay's Olivier Ropars on m-commerce

If you were to think of the five companies that are making the most of m-commerce, eBay would certainly be near the top of that list.

The auction site was on track to generate $5bn of revenue through its mobile platform in 2011, and is constantly seeking to innovate through its range of apps. Today it announced that its barcode scanning app, RedLaser, has been downloaded more than 2m times in the UK.

But what does the future hold, and how does eBay plan to grow its m-commerce revenues in 2012?

To find out we talked to eBay's senior director of mobile commerce in Europe, Olivier Ropars.


Q&A: blinkx's Suranga Chandratillake on connected TV

Much has been written about connected TV and its predicted growth for 2012, yet so far it has failed to truly gain popularity among consumers.

Questions remain about the services viewers want to receive through their TV set, and who really stands to benefit – hardware companies, e-tailers or advertisers?


Q&A: Tomas Bella of Piano Media on the paywall that's working

While many publishers in the West struggle to build profitable paywalls, I recently reported that a paywall in the East may provide a blueprint for success.

That paywall was erected in Slovakia by a company called Piano Media. It brought together nine of Slovakia's largest news publishers, and the early results are impressive given the size and characteristics of the Slovakian market.


Q&A: Photobox MD Lawrence Merritt

Lawrence Merritt is MD of Online digital photo service Photobox. 

I've been asking Lawrence about the print on demand marketplace, iPhone apps, and his customer retention strategies... 

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Q&A: GetLenses CEO Michael Kraftman

Michael Kraftman_medium

Get Lenses sells contact lenses online, undercutting offline opticians by 20% or more, and the company now has annual sales of more than £6m. 

I've been talking to CEO Michael Kraftman about the challenges of growing the online contact lenses market, and how the site achieves retention rates of more than 75%...

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Q&A: Charles Hudson on social gaming

Charles Hudson is an expert on all things social gaming related, producing technology conferences focused on the intersection of gaming and social media, including the Virtual Goods Summit and the Social Gaming Summit. He's also currently working on a series of research reports on the virtual goods market, published at Inside Virtual Goods.

Prior to this, Charles was involved with various social gaming companies and start-ups, including Serious Business, a leading producer of social games for the social web (acquired by Zynga earlier this year) and Gaia Online, a leading online hangout for teens and young adults.

I interviewed Charles to find out more about social gaming, including the challenges and opportunities for businesses, and why marketers should be engaging with consumers on this channel. 

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Facebook wants to help you answer your questions

Have a pressing question? Need an answer? Chances are you'll turn to your friends and family, but doing so isn't always easy. Time and distance often separate us from the people we know, and sometimes a second or third opinion is needed.

So what's the solution? If the company has its way, the answer to that question is Facebook. Yesterday, the world's largest social network announced that its much-anticipated product, Facebook Questions, has entered beta and is being released to a growing number of Facebook users.


Q&A: Wharton professor John Zhang on Smart Pricing

The internet has ushered in a lot of innovations, but many businesses are still having trouble answering an age old question: How much should their products cost?

As prices get ever lower online, this question becomes even more fraught. But Jagmohan Raju and Z. John Zhang have a few theories. The Wharton business school professors have a new book out called Smart Pricing: How Google, Priceline, and Leading Businesses Use Pricing Innovation for Profitability.

The book draws on both high tech and low tech examples to prove how innovative pricing strategies can help companies create and capture both value and customers.

Zhang took a moment out of his trip to India this week to explain to me some common mistakes that companies make when pricing products and how retailers can combat the ongoing "tyranny of free."

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Q&A: David Buckingham on Nectar and Yahoo's ad targeting scheme

Yahoo recently announced a partnership with Nectar for Consumer Connect, a program which aims to use offline purchase data to target online advertising more effectively. 

David Buckingham is Commercial Director at Loyalty Management Group, the company which runs the Nectar card scheme. I've been talking to David about how the scheme works, and how he hopes that it will convince more FMCG brands to advertise online. 


Q&A: Lovehoney co-founder Neal Slateford

GimpLovehoney is an online retailer of sex toys and other adult products, and one which faces some unique challenges in its approaches to marketing and selling online.

I've been talking to Lovehoney director and co-founder Neal Slateford about the business...


Q&A: Lesley Eccles of Hubdub and FanDuel

Lesley Eccles is Co-founder and Marketing Director of, an online news prediction contest that allows users to win virtual dollars by correctly forecasting the outcome of real news stories. Recently, Hubdub Ltd expanded their web properties by launching, a site where participants can make real money by playing and winning at fantasy sports games.

At bigmouthmedia's recent Social Media Summit, Lesley talked about some of the challenges associated with marketing through social media, as well as the potential opportunities for start-ups operating in this space.  

As Econsultancy's recently published Social Media and Online PR Report (produced in association with bigmouthmedia) shows, smaller companies are more likely to get involved in social media, as they face fewer barriers to experimenting with new channels and are inherently more flexible.

As a start-up, social media plays a pivotal role in Hubdub's marketing efforts. I caught up with Lesley post-event to find out more about Hubdub Ltd, and the challenges facing SMEs and start-ups in this difficult economic climate.