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How Appliances Online improved its product pages

Appliances Online has been making some improvements to its product pages recently, and has let me in on the process and the results, which includes a 9.5% jump in sales. 

With the help of videos showing users interacting with the product pages, the retailer was able to both identify improvements, and check that they had the desired effect. 


E-commerce product videos: best practice tips

While more and more retailers are using online video, there are still plenty of sites which could use it to improve their product pages. 

I've been looking at some examples of best practice from retailers that use video on their product pages.  


Why do consumers abandon online purchases?

From security concerns to annoyances around hidden charges or high delivery costs, there are a number of possible reasons why not make a purchase from an online retailer. 

An Econsultancy survey of 2,000 UK consumers, conducted using the TolunaQuick tool, looks at the reasons why customers choose to abandon online purchases. 

Of the 2,000 respondents, just 12.8% don't shop online, the other 87.2% shop at least several times per year. 

Some highlights from the survey after the jump...

Lakeland website

Ten best practices from the new Lakeland website

Homeware retailer Lakeland launched its redesigned website recently, and the result is a good looking and usable site. 

I've picked out things that etailers could do better online in the past, but for a change, I've listed ten e-commerce best practices from the new site, as well as a couple of potential improvements... 


Toy retailers need to work on usability

Amazon was rated the top online toy retailer in a usability study of 12 toy websites, which found much room for improvement in the sector. 

According to the Brandbank study, toy retailers are not doing enough on product pages, and could be using of product images and videos more effectively. Just four retailers are using product videos, while very few are providing multiple images. 


Best Buy UK: site review

Having already opened a number of stores, US electronics retailer Best Buy launched its first transactional website in the UK last week. 

Best Buy homepage

I've been trying the new site out...


Why online retailers need product videos

There are already plenty of strong arguments for the use of video on e-commerce sites, but here are some more from one retailer who has been using 360 product images and videos. 

Gerrard Dennis of The Simply Group, which operates seven online stores, has been looking into the effectiveness of images and video on his websites, and has some interesting insight into how video and product photography has improved his sites' conversion rates...  


Ten great e-commerce product pages

To coincide with the release of our Product Pages Best Practice Guide, I've been looking around for examples of excellent pages from e-commerce sites. 

Not every page in this list is perfect, but they all contain great examples of features that have been used to showcase and sell products, such as great use of video and imagery, presentation of product features, and user reviews. 


Does rich media mean lost sales for etailers?

While rich media features can be great ways to showcase products, a new survey suggests that problems associated with slow loading can cause online retailers to lose out on sales.

The Brandbank report, which uses data from a poll of 2,275 UK consumers, finds that customers are annoyed if rich media requires extra software or slows down page load times. 

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Paperchase: site review

Stationery retailer Paperchase relaunched its website this month, and finally added an online store of it own, having sold via Amazon for some time. 

I've been looking at the new site, which uses the Venda platform, from a user experience perspective... 

Paperchase 1


Etailers focus on product page improvements: study

Online retailers are increasing their focus on product pages, providing richer features and improved product images in an attempt to improve conversion rates, according to a new study. 

Product pages play a huge role in converting visitors into customers, and this is an area where many retailers can still improve. I've been looking at some examples from the report... 


H&M e-commerce launch disappoints #sitereview

H&M, one of the last big brands to sell online, launched its UK e-commerce site today. 

The launch follows that of Gap and Zara, two other fashion brands late into e-commerce in the UK. So how does the new site shape up? 

H&M 1