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Should you care about Pinterest?

What Is Pinterest, and why should anyone care?

Pinterest's potential isn't an all-or-nothing proposition. But if you're a digital manager, you need a clear point of view on this for those you advise.

Yes, there's hype, but Pinterest is the front edge of at least two important digital marketing trends.

This is the first in a series of three posts taking a strategic view of what's shaping-up to be 2012's breakthrough new social network.


Think like an entrepreneur: Five strategies for brand innovation

Innovation. It's brought up in articles, at conferences and in board meetings. But how can we innovate in companies that still don't have the flexibility or the right mind set?

Julie Cottineau, former VP of Brand for Virgin USA, brought the idea that we are all entrepreneurs to Columbia University's Brite Conference this morning. Innovation isn't just for new businesses so how do we bring it to the heart of an established company?


11 ways to use Pinterest as a brand

It's official. Everyone’s gone Pinterest mad.

Analysts are debating its long-term value, retailers are seeing increased referrals (suggested to be at higher levels than Facebook) – and even the Metro is getting involved, with a full page spread in yesterday's paper.

But at a practical level, what’s the best way to get involved? Should you? Is there any best practice yet?

The site is (relatively) young, so people are still learning, but we’ve compiled some of the best ways to use Pinterest as a brand - with examples of those already doing so in each case.


While Pinterest's popularity surges, questions about legality surface

While Facebook struggles with f-commerce, a younger upstart, Pinterest, may be the next big thing in social commerce. The service, which is an "online pinboard" that allows users to "share things you love", is surging in popularity.

But there may be a downside to increased popularity, as some are questioning whether the service is promoting copyright infringement on a massive scale.


US Army turns to Pinterest to reach a female audience

While Pinterest is more popular with men in the UK, in the United States, Pinterest is most popular with women.

That, you might think, would make it a pretty unlikely target for the US Army's social media team, but that's not the case. In fact, Pinterest is of great interest to the US Army precisely because of its demographic makeup.

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Brand squatting on Pinterest affects 90% of the world’s top brands

Just five of the world’s top 50 brands have claimed their profiles on Pinterest, the latest social platform to claim the hearts and minds of the digerati.

I looked through Interbrand’s list of 100 brands, stopping at the halfway mark, to see whether social media marketers were adopting Pinterest in their droves. On the face of things, they’re not.

Of the 45 brands yet to create official Pinterest accounts - assuming that they do - only one is still available. The rest have been claimed by individuals with a bona fide claim to the username, or have been bagged by brand squatters. 


Pinterest publishes code to stop users 'pinning' copyrighted content

In an effort to shield itself from allegations of copyright infringement, Pinterest has released code for companies that want block users from ‘pinning’ their content.

The social media site includes the following coding for the 'nopin' tag in the help section of its website as follows:


More male Pinterest users in UK than female: infographic

While everyone continues to discuss the validity of Pinterest as a marketing channel, we're far more interested in the user demographics.

Data visualisation community has compared UK Pinterest users to those in the US, uncovering some surprising results.

Though the UK only has 200,000 unique users compared to an estimated 12m in the US, gender split is much more even - with 56% male and 44% female.


Pinterest's role as a referrer for retailers grows: infographic

While the debate surrounding Pinterest’s value as a marketing tool continues, we’re finding the stats behind the social curation site increasingly interesting.

Last week we covered data from Experian that revealed the demographic profile of ‘those who pin’, and over the weekend, Monetate released a new infographic that follows on from this.


Revealing the demographics behind Pinterest's users

Social media agency Ignite has taken a closer look at Pinterest’s demographic data and compiled a profile of ‘those who pin’.

comScore says that the blossoming social curation site has over 4m registered users and is growing rapidly, while Google Ad Planner shows that nearly 1.5m people visit Pinterest every day – spending 14 minutes on the site on average. 


Boticca one of first retailers to add Pinterest to social sharing tools

Pinterest logoFashion accessories marketplace, Boticca, is one of the first retailers to add Pinterest to its social sharing tools. It has added the "Pin It" button to its website in addition to Twitter, Facebook and Google + to allow its users to easily share their products online.

Judging by first appearance, Pinterest is mainly dominated by clothes, accessories, food and home wear. This seems a good fit for any visually product-led company, especially one which focuses on design like Boticca.

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