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Etailers! Focus now on customer experience for Christmas 2011

When it comes to Christmas shopping, there really is no time to rest for retailers. Christmas 2010 might be done and dusted, but now is the time to sit down, look at what went well, what didn’t, and fine tune strategies for 2011.

E-commerce figures for Christmas 2010 are heartening for the beleaguered retail sector. Tealeaf research found 44% of UK shoppers increased the amount of online shopping they did this Christmas.

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Frequent testing is key to improving conversions: report

Companies who take a more systematic approach to testing and optimisation are reaping the benefits of improved conversion rates, according to the Econsultancy / RedEye Conversion Report

The report finds that companies whose conversion rates had improved over the last 12 months carried out on average three times more website tests than those whose conversion rates had not improved.

More highlights from the survey after the jump...


Optimise conversions in four easy steps

online-conversionOK, so you've worked long and hard to find the perfect keywords for ads, you've got a team of heavyweight SEO Jedi hard at work, and kidnapped marketing geniuses chained up in the basement, and as a result your traffic is through the roof.

Getting solid traffic can be an arduous process, but it's important to remember that ultimately that isn’t why you are in business.

You're here to convert traffic into sales, and this is part of the process where many businesses falter. Having access to huge numbers of people is different from actually selling to them.

Fortunately there are some simple rules you can follow that will really help you optimise your site for conversions.


Five tips for investing in web analytics in 2010

With businesses still struggling under the weight of the difficult economic environment, the importance of understanding the drivers of profitability has never been greater. More than ever, it's crucial for companies to get the most from their web properties and digital marketing investment, and to measure effectively. 

This is where investing in a good web analytics solution can help, and as Econsultancy's new edition of its Web Analytics Buyer's Guide shows, it's encouraging to see that the sector continues to grow, in spite of continued pressure on budgets. 

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12 ways to help your press releases get noticed

I'm not a big fan of the press release as a method of reaching out to journalists for the first time, but they remain the staple diet of most PR campaigns.

I receive a lot of press releases, some more relevant than others, but I'd be lying if I said I read them all. I don't. Many emailed press releases aren't even opened, largely because the subject line doesn't inspire me to look at them.

So what can you do to make your press release more effective? What will make writers more inclined to open and read them?


Q&A: Bryan Eisenberg, Co-Founder of FutureNow

Bryan Eisenberg

Back when dot-com mania was at its peak and marketers crowed about the number of "hits" they were able to attract to their web sites, a voice of reason came out of the darkness and said, in effect, that it's not about the traffic. It's about what you do with the traffic, and -- hello? -- more important, whether that traffic makes money.

That voice was Bryan Eisenberg who's gone on to become a noted speaker, columnist, blogger, co-founder of the Web Analytics Association and author of a string of best-selling books. A new one is in the works: Trim the Fat will draw analogies between what's needed to improve website conversion and the author's recent shedding of 50 (!) pounds.

And Bryan will share those insights at Econsultancy's inaugural U.S. event in New York on Oct. 8, the Peer Summit, as both a keynote speaker and a moderator. We caught up with him for a preview of what he'll be sharing with attendees.


Q&A: Jay Stevens of the Rubicon Project on display advertising


The Rubicon Project helps publishers make more money from their display advertising inventory by optimising their use of ad networks. Founded two years ago, the company already has more than 1,500 premium customers, optimises more than 40 billion ads each month and reaches more than 500 million unique internet users.

The company's International Vice-President, Jay Stevens, (formerly MySpace's VP of European operations), shared his thoughts about trends in display advertising, the growth of ad networks and what this means for publishers.


Take five seconds to test your call to action and USP

Horse behind a fenceYou may be focused on improving the conversion rate for your website, or simply wanting to ensure that your visitors can quickly get an idea of what you do and offer.

Whatever your goals, having a clear proposition and call to action are two areas that can have a positive impact on your business performance.

In this post I will be talking about a web application that you can use to help you and your business gain invaluable insights from end users. 


Speed still counts for web users, but not for IE8

Erick Schonfeld of Techcrunch yesterday reckoned that IE8 fares poorly in the browser speed stakes, and contests that it is key for Microsoft to retain market share. 

He wrote: “Speed is really everything. Without speed, all the other features fall by the wayside. We’ll have to wait for new independent speed tests to see how IE8 stacks up, but speed does not appear to be its strong point.”

Nice observation, but I’m not so sure that browser speed matters for the majority of web users. Techies and internet fiends will spot the difference, for sure, but how many tech-savvy people do you know that still use IE?


29 of your top tips for website optimisation

Crayon Tips by laffy4k on FlickrLast week we invited our Twitter followers to suggest their key marketing and website optimisation tips. Our thanks to all who took part.

Here’s what you recommended, in no particular order…