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How do you turn analytics data into additional revenue?

Advertising on the internet and mobile has increased by 17.5% to £3.04bn in the first half of 2013 according to the IAB, an increase of £607m compared to 2011.

Analytics has played a key role in this growth by helping marketers accurately measure return-on-investment (ROI) and justify reallocating traditional media budget to digital marketing. However, with the amount of data now available to digital marketers via analytics, they’re in danger of becoming data squirrels that hoard data but do nothing with it.

There aren’t enough analysts in the world or hours in the day to manually analyse all the available data, and crucially, turn it into actions which optimise revenue outcomes.

Non-Brand Search Opportunity Term Report

Optimising search user journey to conversion for multinational SEO

Modern SEO embraces the user journey more than ever before, but it is when we look at multinational businesses that we see the greatest SEO opportunity for performance around today.


Why site optimisation is necessary before, during and after site redesigns

Say the words ‘site re-design’ and if you listen really, really hard you can probably hear a collective shudder from IT and marketing teams around the world.

Anyone who has ever been involved in a site re-design will know it’s a huge project and requires coordination of a number of parties involved.

With resources constantly under pressure, testing can often be forgotten. However, this can actually cause more problems in the long run!

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A responsive ecommerce masterclass from Nixon: part one

We are being asked more and more by our clients to provide support as they move towards responsive design. In particular our retail clients are aiming to deliver ‘best in class’ responsive ecommerce experiences for their visitors.

Couple this with them being committed to an optimisation strategy, and we are extremely excited about the potential to improve their online performance.

But the challenge is, with so few larger retailers with large product catalogues already having moved to a responsive design (and this doesn’t mean the ones that have are necessarily doing it well) where can inspiration be gained to deliver a best in class experience?

Enter stage left Nixon, which starts its about page text with ‘We make the little shit better’.


Marketers still need to work on mobile email: stats

While companies appreciate the importance of mobile email, they are a long way away from implementing best practice, with just 25% currently optimising emails for mobile. 

The seventh annual Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census, sponsored by Adestra, finds that mobile email is a key area for improvement. 

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Using human motivation to assess website optimization

When evaluating the influence and quality of your website, sometimes it helps to take a step back and prioritize the site’s fundamental needs from the ground up.

Often times we get so entangled in optimization tactics that we don’t realize that the most vital elements of our websites can be what’s hindering its performance.

Before you start investing a lot of time and energy into improving advanced characteristics of the website, it’s important to ensure the most basic needs are met.

Mapping web optimization priorities in an anthropomorphic manner can help to understand the best way to prioritize website improvements.


How to use social proof to increase conversions

Ratings with scale from PlaySocial proof is perhaps the most well known of Robert Cialdini’s six keys to persuasion explained in his 2009 book titled “Influence”.  

In this article I will describe why social proof works in the online context and how you can use it to increase conversions.


Q&A: RSA's Dan Huddart on web analytics and optimisation

Dan Huddart heads Web Analytics at RSA Group, a global insurance company. He oversees a group of analysts which works as an internal agency across all RSA brands, overseeing analytics and optimisation of digital properties in 33 countries.  

Below he talks about testing, personalisation, a global web dashboard and how showing images of the right breed of dog can significantly improve pet insurance conversion rates.


46% of Christmas Day search traffic was on tablets and mobiles

Christmas might seem like a distant memory now, but as we've seen from the recent troubles at Comet, HMV and Blockbuster, having a good Christmas can be the difference between success and failure for a retailer.

But what's coming to light from our search data is how Christmas Day itself is becoming critically important for online retailers.

We have seen a steady growth in e-retail on Christmas Day and Boxing Day over the last five years or so, and now with the proliferation of tablets and other smart devices we’re seeing the growth increase even further.


Embarrassing predictions: a foray into mobile and tablet optimisation: part one

In our line of work, putting your intuition on the line is the norm.

Predictions, albeit with some measure of a hypothesis, are what we do, and we often get them wrong.

When we look back at some of the predictions made in the technology space in the last 150 odd years, we realise some of our predictions are not so embarrassing. 


Embarrassing predictions: a foray into mobile and tablet optimisation: part two

In my last blog I looked at why mobile and tablet optimisation was imperative to businesses.

In the second blog of the series I’ll explore why the time is now to optimise and I will also provide you with two of my top four considerations for tablet and mobile optimisation.


Retail marketers: how to turn data into cash

Most retailer marketers are sitting on a mine of unused big data. This kicks off a series of how-to-guides for constructing agnostic strategies around big data for the purpose of improving conversion.

Big Data has saturated the news cycle in 2012. But what exactly is big data, who is using it and how can your brand apply it?