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Halfords: mobile site review

Halfords launched its first mobile website last week which aims to cater for users doing product research on the move, another multichannel move by the retailer. 

The new mobile site was developed by Salmon, and allows users to browse items and reserve them for collection from their nearest store. I've been trying the site out... 



IBM acquisition of Unica highlights importance of multichannel

IBM's acquisition of Unica announced on Friday provides further evidence that the multichannel customer experience and integrated marketing communications are finally getting the attention they deserve.  


How to achieve excellence in joined-up marketing: a #JUMPchallenge post

This post from Simon Robinson of Responsys is part of the #JUMPchallenge, a blogging competition designed to raise awareness on how to join up online and offline marketing, launched to support Econsultancy’s JUMP event in October...

Marketing in today’s cross-channel environment demands a more nimble holistic approach, one where customer behaviour and preferences determines the content, timing and channel for marketing messages.

Below are my top tips on how to achieve excellence in joined-up marketing...


Smartphone users are more active shoppers: survey

Mobile is playing an increasingly important role in the way that customers browse and research purchases, with a third of smartphone users browsing retail sites on their phones. 

A survey by eDigital Research used a sample of 1,200 mobile users, half of which had smartphones, asked how people used phones as part of the research and purchase process. 

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TV ad landing pages: ten best practices

It is now common practice for brands to include URLs or search calls to action within TV ads to encourage viewers to go online and find out more. 

Renault's current 'Megane Experiment' TV ad asks users to go online, though the execution wasn't perfect; the URL was too long, and related search terms didn't all lead to the correct page. 

With this in mind, here are ten best practices to help brands tempt customers online and make the most of any leads... 


Why you should join up online and offline marketing: a #JUMPchallenge post

This post is from hybris Northern European Marketing Director Alistair Robbie, and is part of the #JUMPchallenge, a blogging competition designed to raise awareness on how to join up online and offline marketing, launched to support Econsultancy’s JUMP event in October.  

Alistair looks at how multichannel retailers can use mobile to strengthen the link between offline and online channels.... 


Brits spend £71 a month online

Online retail continues to grow, with 42.6% of UK consumers buying online at least once a week, and the average online spend per shopper reaching £71 per month. 

Theses are some of the finding of a survey of 2,000 UK shoppers by eCommera, which also finds that more than a third of shoppers have increased their online spending over the past year. 

Here are some highlights from the report...


Is Renault's Megane Experiment flawed?

Renault launched its latest TV ad this week, part of a multichannel campaign which also features YouTube videos, websites, print ads, a Facebook group and more... 

Viewers of the TV ad are invited to visit the URL to find out more. The problem is, depending how users enter this URL or related brand terms, they may not get to the page that Renault wants them to. 


Six ways to effectively track offline sales

tracking-offline-transactionsWhile we often debate how effectively we can track ROI online, it’s occasionally worth stepping back and remembering that the ability to track transactions and engagement points online is actually a  luxury.

In the offline domain the ability to effectively track ads and effectiveness can be severely limited. How do you know if your billboard campaign is effective?

Here’s a few ways to track what customers are up to when they’re off the grid.

10 comments rolls out same day delivery in London

Argos will be trialling new delivery options from today, offering same day delivery to customers in the London area, something which could give the retailer a real advantage over its competitors. 

The new delivery options will be provided by startup Shutl, which aggregates same day delivery capacity across a range of couriers, and can deliver stock from stores to customers within 90 minutes. Customers will also have the alternative of selecting a one hour delivery slot with a 48 hour reservation window. 


How m-commerce made Amazon $1bn

m-commerceSince their first faltering online steps back in 1995, Amazon have often been at odds with prevailing web trends, and with their latest earnings report showing a fall-off in profits recently, many stockholders are considering selling up and moving on.

However, buried in the same report is an important figure that hints that the company may simply be ahead of the curve, becoming the first group to turnover more than $1bn solely through mobile channels.

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Ten steps to great CRM

CRMOne of the main goals of multichannel is to provide great customer service at all levels. Correctly implemented CRM will enhance your business and reputation, but in order to implement effective new ways of interacting with your customers across multiple channels you may be looking at a complete organisational shift, in effect moving from provider to service.

A strategic business change at this level isn’t always easy, but there are ways to minimize the stress and align your company philosophy so that you can really deliver for your customer.