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Will NFC be the technology that tips us into mobile retail?

Research by YouGov has found that 91% of British consumers have not heard of NFC technology, while 70% have yet to hear of the ‘mobile wallet’.

Though Juniper Research predicts that $50bn in worldwide sales revenue will be generated by NFC mobile payments by 2014, it’s clear that there is some way to go before British shoppers turn their backs on cash in favour of their mobile.


In mobile payments, credit card companies might be a third wheel

If there's one thing major mobile carriers don't like to do, it's work together. But that appears to be what they're doing in the mobile payment space. Considering how tight the market is, that's a move credit card companies might not be too happy about. Because while credit card companies may need carriers to get into mobile payments, they may also soon learn those same carriers don't need them.


Q&A: Keith Brown of Paythru on mobile payments

Paythru provides mobile payments for a range of clients, including charities and local authorities, as well as retailers getting into mobile commerce. 

I've been speaking to Paythru MD Keith Brown about the company, and the challenges of making mobile payments easy for customers. 

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Square's proposition for small businesses: Analytics

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is getting a lot of attention for his latest venture. Square, his mobile payments platform, is already the darling of the startup world. The company was valued at $40 million before it even launched.

But the mobile payment space is quickly getting crowded. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, Dorsey explained the feature he thinks will set his product apart from other mobile payment products: analytics.


Visa gets into iPhone payments — fees and all

Companies large and small have been getting into mobile this year. And one market that looks particularly promising is the mobile payment space. Considering that everyone from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is interested in making a mark on mobile payments, it's curious that no major credit card company has debutted a product yet.

That's changing with Visa's new In2Pay protective iPhone case. The iPhone sleeve turns Apple's smartphone into a credit card machine. Considering Visa's established dominance in the payment space, this product could help position the company in mobile. But it does not eclipse the fact that there is still a big space for innovation if someone can do it all cheaper. 


This American Life increases donors with mobile payments

Mobile donations have been a hot topic ever since they were used by The Red Cross and others to collect large sums of money to help with earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. But disaster relief is not the only sector that can benefit from the ease of use of mobile payments and donations.

Popular radio show This American Life used mobile donations at the end of last year to double the number of donations brought in to fund their free podcast. And while that boost may not have been significant on the show's bottom line, the success of the program shows how much easier mobile makes it for consumers to give small sums of money. 


Donations to Haiti help consumers get past the mobile payment barrier

If consumers are reticent to make purchases with their phones, they certainly haven't been demonstrating it this week. After the horrible earthquake in Haiti on Tuesday, individuals around the globe have been trying to donate money to relief efforts. The response has been generally impressive, but most surprising has been the outpouring that has been delivered via mobile phones.

Over $4 million have been donated to the Red Cross in the last three days via mobile phones. That's good news for Haitians, and also a big win for those in the mobile payment space.


Starbucks introduces barcode payments with its new iPhone app

Starbucks may have foisted the fabricated need for half caf soy no foam lattes on the American populace, but now that the country is accustomed to making finnicky caffeine orders, the company is trying to reassert its dominance on the caffeine market. And today the company announced an iPhone app that may help it get ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

While Starbucks may be late to the iPhone app party, the company is making up for its tardiness with some caffinated leaps forward in the field of mobile payments.