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Obama re-election campaign debuts 'one-click' SMS donations

Obama’s fundraising campaign has debuted a new SMS tool that allows supporters to make a donation simply by texting the number of dollars they want to contribute.

Last week a text message was sent to tens of thousands of previous donors asking them to again open their wallets.

According to Time, the message told supporters to “just reply with the amount you want to give and we’ll charge your saved credit card.”


60% of British consumers would avoid making payments using a mobile

Almost two-thirds of consumers would avoid making payments through their mobile using technologies such as NFC, according to research from

The survey of 2,000 British adults found that 60% would avoid mobile payments altogether while 17% would be interested but would be worried about the technology working correctly.

Security concerns (36%) were the most common reason for avoiding mobile payments.

Mobile payment brands also appear to be making little headway in raising consumer awareness.


Square brings encryption to its card reader

Square, the mobile payment upstart that's combined a credit card-reading dongle with the iPhone and iPad to take on established point-of-sale (POS) payment solutions providers, has been making frequent appearances in the news of late.

From attracting users like the Obama campaign and taxi drivers in New York City to overhauling its mobile app in an effort to drive consumers to local businesses, it appears that Square's $4bn-plus in annual payments processed could be just the tip of the iceberg.


Is SMS dead? Industry says 'no'

It's easy to forget about SMS these days. After all, the rise of the smartphone has seemingly made SMS text messaging a thing of the past for many mobile phone users.

But is that really the case? Are smartphones marginalizing SMS to the point where it might be called effectively dead?


Visa buys 15% stake in m-commerce company Mobile Money Network

Visa Europe has acquired a 15% stake in m-commerce company Mobile Money Network (MMN), a further signal of its intent to become a dominant force in mobile payments.

MMN is the company behind the Simply Tap mobile checkout app that we reviewed yesterday.


Simply Tap sees 40% more registrations from Thorntons campaign

Mobile payment app Simply Tap saw a 40% increase in registrations following a poster campaign that offered the chance to buy a Thorntons Easter egg for just 1p.

To access the offer users could either type in a code word, scan a QR code or use the app’s image recognition (IR) technology.

Mobile Money Network (MMN) corporate development director Matthew Smith said that the company, which built the app, quickly ran out of the promotional eggs due to high demand.


Can Barclays take on PayPal in mobile?

eBay's CEO, John Donahoe, believes that digital payments should account for a lot more of the global payments market than they currently do.

One of the big ways he's trying to make that happen is by ensuring his PayPal subsidiary grows its volume in the most promising digital payments space -- mobile. On that front, it appears he's making good progress as quietly, mobile payments have become a multi-billion dollar business for PayPal.

That, for obvious reasons, is probably not what bank executives want to hear. So it's no surprise that banks and other traditional players in the finance and payments markets are getting involved in the most promising digital payments space.


PayPal mobile payments surge to $4bn

In late 2009, PayPal president John Donahoe indicated that he believed online payments should account for 20% of global payments, even though, at the time, they accounted for just 5%. His goal: find ways to grow that number.

There are a lot of ways of doing that, but none may be as promising as mobile payments.


Mobile commerce in the UK: stats round up

The importance of smartphone technology to the UK shopper experience has been hard to ignore this past month with an abundance of mobile commerce data being added to our Internet Statistics Compendium.


Mobile payments: much more than micro

Mobile payments can be so much more than just paying for your coffee and paper on the way into work.

As we’ve seen with mobile sites such as M&S, some consumers are willing to use mobile sites for those big one-off purchases that would have previously seen them buying online or on the High Street.

What do retailers need to do to tempt micro-payment converts to make bigger purchases?

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Q&A: Mobile Money Network CEO John Milliken

Mobile Money Network is a joint venture between Best Buy Europe and mobile payments firm Monitise, which aims to capitalise on the growth of mobile commerce. It plans to release Simply Tap, a mobile app which allows users to pay for products via SMS. 

I've been asking CEO John Miliken about the Mobile Money Network, and the future of mobile payments... 


Will NFC be the technology that tips us into mobile retail?

Research by YouGov has found that 91% of British consumers have not heard of NFC technology, while 70% have yet to hear of the ‘mobile wallet’.

Though Juniper Research predicts that $50bn in worldwide sales revenue will be generated by NFC mobile payments by 2014, it’s clear that there is some way to go before British shoppers turn their backs on cash in favour of their mobile.