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How m-commerce made Amazon $1bn

m-commerceSince their first faltering online steps back in 1995, Amazon have often been at odds with prevailing web trends, and with their latest earnings report showing a fall-off in profits recently, many stockholders are considering selling up and moving on.

However, buried in the same report is an important figure that hints that the company may simply be ahead of the curve, becoming the first group to turnover more than $1bn solely through mobile channels.

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Q&A: eBay on seller updates and mobile commerce

EBay UK has been announcing some new features this week, including a new Listing Analytics application for sellers. 

I've been speaking to Patrick Munden, eBay's Head of Seller Communications for the UK and Ireland, about the changes, and also about the company's mobile commerce strategy; the eBay mobile app was responsible for £64m of sales in the UK last year. 


UK customers unhappy with mobile commerce: survey

Just 4% of consumers find making purchases on their mobiles to be a hassle-free experience, with loading times and product display the biggest bugbears. 

The Brandbank M-commerce report is based on a YouGov survey of 2,255 UK consumers, and underlines the need for retailers to look at their mobile commerce offerings. 


Q&A: Keith Brown of Paythru on mobile payments

Paythru provides mobile payments for a range of clients, including charities and local authorities, as well as retailers getting into mobile commerce. 

I've been speaking to Paythru MD Keith Brown about the company, and the challenges of making mobile payments easy for customers. 

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App review: Vente-privee for iPhone

Private online shopping site Vente-privee released an iPhone app last week which allows users to access the sales from the main website and make purchases via mobile. 

I've been trying the app out...

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Italian retailer Yoox already has an impressive mobile commerce site, and is one of the first retailers to produce an iPad app. 

I've been trying out the new app to see how Yoox has adapted to the iPad... 


The profit potential of mobile search

The convenience of having local information oozing out of our handsets whenever we need it means mobile search is becoming big business.

We search differently on our mobiles than we do on our desktops. When we are out and about we hunt for products and services we need soon, if not immediately. For example, it might be the location of, or directions to, a restaurant, entertainment venue or retailer.


Argos releases Check & Reserve iPhone app

Argos has just launched its first iPhone app, in response to 600% increased in traffic to from mobile devices. In December, Argos had 750,000 visits from iPhones and iPods, so the demand is clearly there. 

The app, developed in-house, isn't a full mobile commerce offering, though that is something which may follow later. Instead, the app allows customers to browse and check stock levels at their local stores, before making a reservation for in-store collection. 


Ten reasons for retailers to use mobile coupons

Mobile coupons offer an excellent opportunity for retailers to appeal to customers on the go, and to drive them in stores with special offers and discounts. 

For example, US retailers such as Target are offering coupons which can be downloaded to their phones and scanned at the checkout, while in the UK, apps like Voucher Cloud allow users to search for local businesses offering coupons which can be redeemed in store. 

Here are ten reasons why retailers should consider the use of mobile coupons in their marketing strategies... 


Q&A: Sccope Founder Douglas Orr on mobile commerce

Douglas OrrSccope is one of the best mobile price comparison services I have seen so far, and has a mobile site, an iPhone app, as well as services on the Vodafone and T-Mobile mobile platforms.

I've been talking to Douglas Orr, the founder of parent company Cogenta, about Sccope's mobile services, and how he sees the mobile commerce market developing over the next few years. He also has an interesting solution to the problem of making mobile checkouts easier for customers.

Douglas will be speaking about the future of mobile commerce at Econsultancy's Future of Digital Marketing 2010 event, held in London on June 16.


Mobile checkouts: ten best practice tips

On any desktop e-commerce website, the checkout process needs to be as smooth as possible to maximise conversions. This is even more vital on so mobile sites.

When users are buying from a small screen device with variable connection quality, a long or complex checkout process will deter customers from making a purchase.

Here are a few tips on mobile commerce checkouts, along with some examples of how it should be done...  


Marks & Spencer moves into mobile commerce

Marks & Spencer has just made its first move into mobile commerce, and unlike some other UK retailers, it has opted for a mobile website rather than an app. 

M&S says this is a 'major step forward in mobile retailing', a move which will change the mobile retail landscape. 

I've been trying the new site out (on an iPhone), and though it's generally impressive, M&S may want to make a few changes to make the checkout smoother...