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How to win at Facebook in three weeks

cigarHi! I’m your boss! You can tell I’m important because I smoke cigars and seem to know very little about what it is you actually do down in marketing, or wherever it is you work.

However, according to my niece, Facebook is the hip place where all the cool kidz is at, and I’d like a slice of that tasty social pie. Now.

You have three weeks to put together an impressive Facebook presence. Surely no social media manager on Earth could accomplish such a feat?

C’mon, let’s go win at Facebook…


Top of the class: Econsultancy's first MSc graduates receive their awards

After three years of intensive study, Econsultancy’s first graduates received their MSc awards this week, making them the first in the world to gain a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing Communications.



Who owns your social media?

who-owns-social-mediaIncreasingly the issue of ownership is a stumbling block when trying to set up and organise an effective social media strategy, so how do you decide who owns your social media?

Simple, realise that no-one does.


Marketers are translators

In 90 seconds I present my case for digital marketing leadership: Marketers are translators.

They're no longer artists who deliver messages, they're interactive, experiential shepherds that discover need as it evolves in real time.


Smirnoff finally ices its Bro problem

A moment of silence was surely had at fraternities nationwide this week: the website BrosIcingBros has been shut down. The internet meme known as "icing" may be responsible for a recent spike in Smirnoff Ice purchases across America, but the brand could only turn a bling eye for so long.

Smirnoff let the icing phenomenon have a good run online. But eventually all good memes come to an end.


Geomarketing: Ten Foursquare marketing campaigns

Geolocation-based social network Foursquare just might be the internet's 'next big thing'. While it isn't anywhere close to the size of Twitter or Facebook, the young company last month passed the million user mark.

That's a memorable milestone for any consumer internet startup, but the company's progress is perhaps better measured by the number of marketing deals it has inked with bigger companies. Here are 10 of those deals.


Five brands using election-themed marketing

More than ever, it's crucially important for brands to be timely, relevant and engaging. In the first truly digital UK general election, we've already seen that the main political parties could do a lot more to improve their websites and online campaigns. But what about companies?

Here are some examples of brands who have jumped on the election bandwagon, by launching topically-themed marketing campaigns and products. 


Three things you can do tomorrow to create sales: Part three

marketing questions to ask

I'm back with more tips on creating sales and meaningful outcomes using digital marketing, starting tomorrow. 

Here's a technique that is creating better results for trail-blazing companies. Follow me...


Unscrupulous marketers target Haiti on Twitter

The devastation in Haiti has brought people from all over the world together online in what can only be described as an impressive display of generosity.

Not surprisingly, Twitter is playing a big role in disseminating information about the crisis. And it's playing a big role in fundraising for organizations providing relief to Haiti. Unfortunately, unscrupulous marketers are taking advantage of the situation to further their business interests.


Social Media Putting Marketing and PR Jobs on the Line

Social media will be an enterprise-wide mainstay by 2011, but most marketers and PR people are still trying to wrap their heads around it all.  And those that don't get up to speed could find themselves without a job.

The CMO Club, polls its members on a regular basis. Just before the end of 2009 they asked this question:  What would you do differently in 2010? 64% said they'd increase their spend on social media and 72% of those who are not yet doing social media said it's on their list for this year.


Pew: More internet users are reading status updates (and marketing messages)

It looks like Twitter can be carefully taught. According to the Pew Internet And American Life Project, internet users are becoming more comfortable updating their statuses online.

The report found that 19% of internet users polled say they use Twitter or another service to share updates. That's one in five internet users. And good news for marketers.


Google's new global ads represent a shift. Just not in search.

For a company that has long relied on word of mouth to promote its products — Google has been going crazy with advertising lately. This summer the company launched an old school ad campaign, complete with billboard and print ads, to promote its cloud-based apps business. And now the company is announcing that its "Going Google" billboard campaign will be going global, with more print, online and outdoor ads promoting the Google suite of office products. 

Tom Oliveri, director of enterprise marketing at Google, tells The New York Times this will be “one of the most visible Google has done and the most significant campaign for the enterprise side.” The company is also looking to hire two big marketing titles.

Is the this notoriously anti-marketing company changing its tune on advertising? Maybe. But not because of changes in the search business.

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