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Posts tagged with Linked In

Can your LinkedIn company page replace your corporate website?

There is a debate among marketing and corporate communications professionals as to what is more engaging and important.

Is it your company’s LinkedIn page or your company’s website? Undoubtedly I believe that it is your LinkedIn company page and here‘s why.

Many people say that they have posted blogs and articles on their company website and very few people have read them let alone shared them. They are basically getting no engagement.

The answer to me is a pure numbers one. Build it and they will come is a myth. Build it and you have to spend dollars marketing it. However if someone else has already built a community that has more than 300m people, then why not focus on that? Or at give it attention alongside your corporate site?


Three ways to duplicate LinkedIn ad campaigns

LinkedIn ad targeting is great. But when you have to duplicate a campaign, you may run into trouble.

Here's how you can avoid it.


Five simple tips for improving your LinkedIn B2B marketing

Many people say to me that they don’t generate any business through LinkedIn. I have a simple reply. You’re doing it wrong. 

There has also been some debate recently on the Econsultancy blog around whether Facebook is more effective than LinkedIn for B2B marketing.

To counter this argument, here are five best practices to make the most of LinkedIn and achieve your business goals...


Seven reasons why Facebook is more effective than LinkedIn for B2B marketing

For marketers, picking a digital ad platform to use and to master is important and is taken with as much care as any major commitment or purchase.

Here are some strong arguments why Facebook may be a better platform than LinkedIn for your B2B campaigns.

Facebook vs. LinkedIn: B2B Special

Facebook vs. LinkedIn: which is better for B2B marketing?

Do you ever wonder which social network is best for B2B marketing?

Me too, so I did some audience research and found some surprising results.  

Here's how you can do it too.


Why are Asian banks letting the HR department run their LinkedIn page?

As a marketer I shudder when I see a valuable communications channel like a LinkedIn company page being misused by non-marketing people such as human resources (HR).

What a missed opportunity to engage, inspire and market your company.

Would you let your HR team create your corporate website? Of course not.

So why are they allowed to be anywhere near your LinkedIn company page where they can do untold amounts of damage to your brand by not engaging and communicating?

stars and stripes

10 US digital marketing statistics we've seen this week

More US digital marketing statistics for you this week.

Highlights include a user milestone for LinkedIn, the changing revenues of US newspapers and consumer attitudes towards digital advertising in automotive. And lots more, of course.

Enjoy, and make sure you take a look at the Econsultancy Internet Statistics Compendium for more stats.

LinkedIn advanced people search feature

Why LinkedIn needs to improve its search and ad targeting

LinkedIn search targets ads poorly, resulting in wasted clicks, and returns poor people search results.

Here's why this is important and how LinkedIn can improve this feature.


42% of online adults in the USA use two or more social networks

Facebook is still the dominant social site in the USA, but even more adults are now signing up to multiple platforms. 

These findings come from Pew Internet’s latest research, based on a sample of 1,800 adults.

Currently 73% of online adults now use social networking sites, and with our friendship groups, colleagues and professional connections scattered across even more social networks than ever before, it has become a necessity to sign up to multiple platforms in order to engage with them all.

I’ve even had to adopt a second Twitter account to separate my own ‘church and state’ (or less-professional nonsense from even less-professional nonsense.)

Here are some more social network stats from the research, covering Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the relative audience crossover between each platform.


20 mind-blowing social media statistics: three years later

Back in 2010 when social media marketing was still in its infancy our former research director Jake Hird rounded up more than 20 mind-blowing stats that gave an overview of how the industry was progressing.

Since then Jake has emigrated to an old British penal colony and these stats have become somewhat less mind-blowing as people now accept that social media is a massive industry.

Even so it’s still interesting to take a stroll down memory lane and revisit these statistics to see the extent to which social media usage has changed in the past three years.

So, here they are:


Six ways travel brands are using social for content strategy

If content is king, then social is definitely queen. With a fast growing digital society that loves to post and boast, social media has become a fundamental tool in a content marketer’s kit.

And for the travel marketers, social has been a gift. Done well, a great campaign can far outreach any traditional marketing activity in terms of audience and influence.

Social, no longer seen as a bolt-on channel, has become an integral part of travel marketing, from PR, reputation management to customer engagement. And in many ways, it's also the voice of the brand. 

Virgin Atlantic’s ‎director of brand & customer experience, Reuben Arnold says: 'Social media helps us demonstrate our personality and what we’re about'.

best car brands on social infographic stub

10 brand infographics worth their salt and your time

Disclaimer: I hate infographics!

If not the medium, the execution is so often poor, as is the chosen subject. But I feel differently when it comes to brands. I’m interested in learning about brands and their activity.

So, I’ve collected 10 stellar infographics here for your viewing pleasure. They’re not all by brands themselves, but all include brands and their footprints.

They range from the mind-blowingly expansive (see the brands that own the brands) to the fruity and fun (see the Die Hard promotion).

Just click on each stub to enjoy the full infographic. Happy stat attack!