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Posts tagged with Lego

LEGO: why I think they're The Masters of Marketing

With the Masters of Marketing awards rapidly approaching us, rumour has it members of the public are able to nominate their favourite brands for the ‘Brand of the Year’ category.


Five digital marketing campaigns from Singapore's Golden Jubilee #SG50

Singaporeans have just enjoyed a very long weekend off work to celebrate the country’s 50th anniversary.

The Golden Jubilee involved four days of fireworks, parades, concerts and other celebrations.


10 best social campaigns and stories from April 2015

Now that David Moth is our new head of social, he has bequeathed his regular round-up of social campaigns and stories to me, as he’s now too busy posting Taylor Swift Vines on the official company Twitter.

He can be confident that this is in relatively safe hands.

So sit back and enjoy this new-look collection of news and advertising inspiration taken from the wide world of social, and I’ll try and keep the puns to a minimum.


10 best branded Instagram videos from December 2014

There’s even less Christmas cheer in this collection of Instagram videos from December than there was in our monthly Vine round-up.

In fact there’s only one festive themed example here, with New Year’s Eve providing much more inspiration.

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14 things we enjoyed on the internet this week whilst pretending to be constructive

You probably assume that I have a list of headlines for this weekly round-up saved on a spreadsheet somewhere, so I can just pick one at random any time I need it.

You’d be wrong.

This is how a typical Friday morning goes… 


50+ key takeaways and soundbites from the Festival of Marketing

Last week, thousands of marketers attended our Festival of Marketing at the Tobacco Dock in London.

It was a two-day celebration of the modern marketing industry, featuring speakers from brands including LEGO, Marks and Spencer, Coca-Cola, Buzzfeed, KLM and many more industry experts sparking discussions in a unique mix of Q&As, debates, case studies and workshops.

Although it would be impossible to condense one session into a single quote, or even cover every single session in each strand (there were 10 stages featuring approximately 120 sessions plus five keynote speeches), here’s a quick round-up some of the key takeaways from our event. 

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Lars Silberbauer on LEGO and being the human voice of your company

LEGO is one of the most beloved brands on the planet and its social strategy is one of the most richly engaging and rewarding.

The company puts a strong emphasis on encouraging and inspiring the different communities it has created throughout its many active digital channels.

Lars Silberbauer is LEGO’s global director of social media and this morning he gave a talk at our Festival of Marketing about the finer aspects of Lego’s social strategy.


Eight brands scaring your pants off this Halloween

Better lock the doors, turn off all the lights and cling to your favourite comfort blanket, Halloween is getting closer.

Whether on video, social, or just giving their website a spooky little makeover, brands are doing some fittingly disturbing things this year.

Here’s a round-up of some of my favourites.

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18 companies with brilliant digital strategies

It occurred to me that amongst the Econsultancy blog team we certainly have our favourite companies as far as digital ambition and execution are concerned.

So I'm simply going to round up some companies that have done good things on this front and see if our readers get annoyed by any omissions or, indeed, inclusions.

So, here are 18 digital trailblazers. A lot of them are involved solely in ecommerce but not all of them.

N.B. I've deliberately excluded agencies and what I think of as tech companies, though that distinction is a little difficult to make in some areas.


Q&A: Lars Silberbauer on LEGO's social strategy

LEGO is a consistently engaging brand that puts a strong emphasis on encouraging and inspiring the different communities it has created throughout its many active digital channels.

It hasn't just relied on the 65 years worth of good-will built up from being one of the most beloved brands on the planet however.

LEGO has worked incredibly hard to remain relevant across the generations by aligning itself with quality licences, creating excellent content (which lead to one of the most successful pieces of content marketing in recent years) and experimenting with crowd-sourced product developement. All of this while still remaining true to its original vision.

I recently spoke to LEGO's global director of social media Lars Silberbauer about the more strategic aspects of LEGO's social activity

This interview should act as a tantalising appetiser to Lars’ appearance at our Festival of Marketing event in November, a two day celebration of the modern marketing industry.


LEGO: putting community first with five inspiring social campaigns

LEGO makes for a brilliant and satisfying case study for hundreds of reasons. 

It helps that it’s one of the most beloved brands on the planet, appealing across generations and ages. It constantly remains relevant by aligning itself with quality licenses and innovations, whilst staying true to its own brand identity. 

It also has achieved content marketing triumphs that most other brands would kill for and a social strategy that puts the majority of its focus on community engagement.

Therefore it’s great idea to check in with the company on a regular basis to see what it’s been doing on its digital channels, to offer inspiration for your own endeavours.

We also have LEGO’s global head of social media Lars Silberbauer-Anderson talking at our Festival of Marketing in November, so please join us for a two day celebration of the modern marketing industry.


15 solid gold internet timewasters

Fill your mind with treasures both inconsequential and only slightly inconsequential with our weekly round-up of internet oddities.

How do we manage to uncover so many wonders, when we work so hard during the rest of the week publishing nothing but insightful, well-researched serious content?

Trade secret: we employee ex More magazine writers to ghostwrite our articles. Occasionally the odd ‘sex tips to drive him crazy’ post slips through the net, but so far nobody has seemed to notice.