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The Sunday Times launches "The Social List"

sunday-times-rich-listWith services like Klout and PeerIndex continuing to attract investment and users, there’s some serious money and traffic to be had from social media measurement, which explains why a corporation like News International would be interested in acquiring a slice of the pie chart.

This week the NI-owned Sunday Times launched its own ‘Social list’, and based on initial use it could be set to attract a wider audience. 


Why Klout doesn't count: putting social media influence in context

kloutFinding (or becoming) an influencer is often seen as one of the core goals for businesses utilising social media, and the search and measurement industry is rushing to fulfil this need.

Finding a great exponent for your brand who has a powerful presence on your social platform of choice and engaging them is a great way to get plenty of bang for your social media buck.

Increasingly leading measurement tools such as Klout are being seen as a good way to prove success in the social arena, with some companies starting to request a minimum Klout score as a deliverable when hiring an agency.

Unfortunately some of the systems that provide this measurement may still be relying on the wrong metrics, providing you with a skewed perspective on your audience and making them ripe for exploitation by unscrupulous users.


Virgin America: flying social media into the abyss

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a classic book. First published in 1937 for individuals, over half a century later, brands now find themselves seeking friends and influence too.

But if U.S. airline Virgin America's latest attempt to woo influencers on Twitter is any indication, a book isn't needed. What is? Free product.