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Five ways to elevate your game as a marketer

Is marketing a science or an art? According to Adobe’s Jeff Allen, marketers need to make sure they have a foot firmly in both camps.

In a talk at Econsultancy’s JUMP New York conference this morning, Allen said that within any given organisation it’s likely that almost everyone will have an opinion on the marketing strategy.

So it’s up to marketers to convince their colleagues that they are the experts in what they do and can use data to prove it.

In order to change the perception of marketers as “colour pickers”, Allen highlighted five points that his audience should put on a checklist to make them more effective at proving their worth...

Meet Andy Hobsbawm, the man making coffee mugs smarter than you

Son of the late and venerable historian Eric Hobsbawm, Andy Hobsbawm may make history, not write it. That’s because he, along with technologist and serial entrepreneur Niall Murphy, as well as computer scientists Dom Guinard and Vlad Trifa, are making great strides with EVRYTHNG, a software company bent on connecting objects to the Internet — making them “smart,” as it were.

Powered by the EVRYTHNG Engine, the technology makes real the “Internet of Things,” a concept first named in 1999. In that schema, objects are given virtual identities (perhaps through RFID tags, maybe through a barcode or QR code) and connected in a Web-like structure. 

The continuing growth of integrated marketing in 2013

With JUMP coming up in New York on January 30, 2013, we're very interested in what is happening in the world of integrated marketing.

We're tired of companies working in independent silos and not having the conversations that can save them time and money, as well as create a better customer experience and help grow their business.

How usability testing and call tracking can help your multichannel strategy

Multichannel marketing isn’t a new concept, but it is one that many businesses struggle to implement.

It throws up a number of different challenges, from tracking customers to joining up marketing activities, so it can be difficult to know where to even being.

During a talk on multichannel optimisation at Econsultancy’s JUMP conference Belron’s group e-business manager Craig Sullivan discussed several issues that brands need to consider as they move towards an effective multichannel strategy.

He said the benefit of multichannel is that it allows brands to get great customer insights, which in turn allows them to build better products and drive higher revenues.

Here we look at two themes from Sullivan’s talk: user testing and cross-channel analytics using phone tracking...

60 fascinating digital stats from the London 2012 Olympics

Back in 2005 the internet was a simpler place. Twitter didn’t exist, the mobile web was a new fangled idea that hadn’t really caught on and broadband had only just become more common than dialup.

So with that as a background, the team given the job developing the new media strategy for the London 2012 Olympics must have had little idea of how drastically their task would change.

What started out as a team of two ended up involving 14 people who built 77 digital products, sites or services in six years.

At Econsultancy’s JUMP 2012 event LOCOG’s head of new media Alex Balfour revealed some of the impressive stats achieved by his team during the Games...

50+ key takeaways and soundbites from JUMP 2012

Yesterday almost 1,500 marketers attended Old Billingsgate conference centre in London for Econsultancy’s JUMP 2012 event.

The agenda for the annual multichannel conference included speakers from Porsche, Lovehoney, Nokia, Adobe, Agent Provocateur and The Guardian.

Obviously it’s not possible to condense all the different tips and recommendations from the whole day into one blog post, but here are a selection of the interesting points and takeaways...

JUMP magazine: Moving from big data to attribution

With only two weeks until our JUMP conference in New York on November 1, we've pulled together some of our best pieces on integrated marketing from our staff and guest writers for our Fall magazine

"Joined-up" or integrated marketing really matters. It can enhance the customer experience, while increasing engagement, satisfaction, sales and profits. JUMP will shine a bright light on the best practice in multichannel sterategies.

Our feature article comes from the folks at Experian, who will be leading a webinar on "Big data love" on October 18, and they tackle the issue of attribution and give you some practical advice. Once marketers can identify customers across all channels, they can truly measure the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

Competition: what's your favourite joined up marketing campaign?


What are the best multichannel marketing campaigns you've seen over the last six months? Which brands are the most innovative in this area? 

In advance of our JUMP London and JUMP New York events, we're offering two free passes to each event for the top suggestions we receive. 

We'll also feature the top ten responses on the blog in the run up to the events. Just use the #cometojump hashtag and share your thoughts on joined up campaigns in the past six months that have impressed you. 

For some inspiration, here are five of our favourite campaigns from the past few years... 

Usability testing removes ego and opinion


While good user experience professionals may be able to 'guess' the best UX solution 60 to 70% of the time, it's not substitute for testing, according to Belron's eBusiness Manager Craig Sullivan. 

In this video, Craig talks about his upcoming presentation at Econsultancy's JUMP event, and explains why user experience should be in the hands of the visitors and customers. 

In a nutshell, decisions on design and creative should be based on cold hard facts and consumer behaviour...

JUMP feature: How to succeed in social commerce

For our forth JUMP interview, we had a chance to speak with Ryan O'Donnell, co-founder and CEO of Let's Gift It. He will be leading a panel at JUMP in New York on the strategies and tactics in launching and maintaining a successful social commerce initiative. 

We spoke to O'Donnell about the founding of Let's Gift It, how to activate communities and social discovery, and the importance of data and disruptive technologies to all sizes of business. 

JUMP feature: Moving publishers from print to multimedia

For our third JUMP interview, we spoke with Joy Puzzo, Corporate Audience Development Director for Advanstar Communications, about some of the ways publishers can move from traditional publications to multimedia experiences in advance of her JUMP session on November 1 on "Redefining News Media Brands."

Joy filled us in on what she does day to day (we're tired just hearing about it!), the need for testing and why it's so important to learn from our customer's needs.

JUMP feature: Sharing metrics will move the industry forward

For our second JUMP interview, we reached out to MPG's EVP/Managing Director Innovation, Mitch Oscar, who just had a hand in creating the first ad supported Video on Demand directory in conjunction with the American Association of Advertising Agencies, Mediaocean and Rentrak. 

We spoke to Oscar about innovation in the advanced TV space, what metrics are being used to measure Video on Demand (VOD), and how we, as an industry, have to share more so we can advance.