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B2B marketing: who should own the funnel?

After last week's FUNNEL B2B marketing event at The Emirates in London, we arranged a discussion with three of the speakers about who should own the funnel. 

The speakers were Lisa Hutt, VP EMEA Marketing at Concur Technologies, Bob Apollo, Managing Partner at Inflexion Point and Jurgen Heyman, Director at SPI Sales. 

I've added a transcript of the panel discussion from FUNNEL, or you can simply head for the video at the bottom of the post and watch the debate... 

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Start Me Up! A profile of Job Bounties

Job Bounties is founded by recruitment entrepreneur, James Uffindell, who believes the UK recruitment industry is far too expensive, with the cost per hire in the UK double that in the US.

To counter this, he recently launched Job Bounties, which takes the principles of social recruitment databases like LinkedIn and adds a new type of social P2P business model that isn’t advertising revenue based or controlled by recruitment agencies.

I've been asking James about the thinking behind Job Bounties, and its plans for the future. 


Velocity's Stan Woods on B2B content marketing [video]

Stan Woods is the Managing Director of Velocity which he set up in 2001 with Econsultancy guest blogger Doug Kessler. Velocity specialises in B2B marketing for technology firms.

Stan will be speaking at Econusltancy's FUNNEL B2B marketing evebt next week, looking at using content marketing to segment and engage your audience.

In these videos, Stan speaks about his upcoming presentation and the relationship between sales and marketing...

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Start Me Up! A profile of wishgenie

Wishgenie is a social platform which allows its users to club together to buy gifts for their friends. 

I've been asking CEO David Berney about the business model and the company's plans...


Q&A: Mark Schaefer part two: how to ensure your content is noticed online

Mark Schaefer is the author of two best-selling books on social media and the opportunities and challenges present for brands and individuals online.

This is part two of our interview with him. You can find part one here.


Start Me Up! A profile of IdeaPlane

IdeaPlane is a startup that brings enterprise social networking to companies in regulated industries, such as finance, that might otherwise have been reticent about embracing social technologies. 

I caught up with CEO and founder James Fabricant, himself a former executive at MySpace, to find out more about his vision for the company and the future of the industry.

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Q&A: House of Fraser's Andy Harding on using the web to drive offline sales

Andy Harding is Director of E-commerce at House of Fraser, and was one of the expert contibutors to our How the Internet Can Save the High Street report. 

House of Fraser has successfuly implemented a buy and collect service which drives almost a third of its orders, while it has also been using mobile effevtively. 

I've been asking Andy about the use of the web to drive in-store sales, and his advice for smaller offline retailers... 


Start Me Up! A profile of Rare Crowds

Rare Crowds is a startup which aims to help publishers and ad networks get more value for their ad inventory by creating a new type of premium inventory. 

I've been asking CEO and Founder Eric Picard about the business model and his immediate and long term goals for the company...


Start Me Up! A profile of the NimbleNetwork

The NimbleNetwork, which launched yesterday, is the first ever peer to peer deal sharing network. 

I've been asking Prashant Nedungadi, Founder & CEO of NimbleCommerce, about the startup and its plans for the future...

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Q&A: FusePump's George Besly on international e-commerce

Over the last few years, several UK retailers have begun to target overseas markets, with some success.

For example, overseas sales made up 67% of ASOS sales in Q1 2012, contributing to a 31% growth in overall sales. 

FusePump recently published a white paper on the advantages of cross-border sales using online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. 

I've been asking FusePump's George Besly about why cross-border marketplace sales should now be a serious consideration for e-commerce retailers in the UK. 


Q&A: Lovehoney's Matthew Curry on jiggle balls, TV and user experience

Matthew Curry is Head of E-commerce at adult retailer Lovehoney, and he'll be speaking at our JUMP event on October 10

He'l be talking about how offline PR affects online sales, after the company were featured in a recent Channel 4 documentary. 

I've been asking Matthew about his presentation, the effects of TV coverage, and his approach to user experience. 


Start Me Up! A profile of CircleMe

CircleMe is a new social network which allows users to collect and discover things they love. 

I've been asking CEO Giuseppe D'Antonio about CircleMe, the team behind it, the business model and plans for the future...