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IAB & NAI propose tech specs for consumer disclosure on behavioral

The message from Washington to the online ad industry has been ringing loud and clear: regulate yourselves before we have to do it for you. Taking another step in that direction, industry groups the IAB and the NAI released the CLEAR (Control Links for Education and Advertising Responsibly) Ad Notice Technical Specifications, a set of common technical standards that would enable enhanced notice in online ads. These specifications would allow advertisers and ad networks to provide a clickable icon in or near online ads directing users to additional information about behavioral advertising, including an opt-out option.



Forecast: Digital growth doesn't have to come at the expense of offline advertising

According to forecasters, digital advertising is poised to lead a rebound in the larger ad market. Revenue increases in the fourth quarter of 2009 are expected to continue. And according to the IAB, television advertisers shouldn't be concerned that the growth in digital will come at their expense.

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IAB: Brands need to own their media

At the IAB Social Media Marketplace in New York this week, marketers were given a reminder by KickApps CEO Alex Blum:

"Not all social media inventory is created equal."

And while social media is often seen as a cost free marketing channel, that old maxim that you get out what you put in certainly applies. But more than simply putting effort into a social media strategy, success can often be gauged by where and when it is executed. Which is why many speakers at the event were proponents of owned media. And knowing what to do with it.

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IAB: Coke approaches social media as an army of one

As companies are quickly learning, creating a social media strategy without the ability to change major corporate funcitons can be futile.

At the IAB's Social Media Marketplace in New York on Monday, Coca-Cola's director of media and interactive communications in North America made clear that her company is trying to avoid that. As Linda Cronin put it:

"Social media should be owned by the whole organization, not one person or one department."

But that's easier said than done.


Online advertisers bring a little blue square to the privacy debate

Can a little blue square save the online advertising industry from regulation? The Future of Privacy Forum hopes it will. The advocacy group created the icon (at right) to provide more information to consumers about the ads being served to them online. 

Now they just have to hope that consumers click on it.


IAB and 4A's lay out new rules for data usage online

As privacy debates rage in Congress, online advertisers are taking increasing steps to ensure that their business methods are as transparent (and blameless) as possible. One such move came today, with the announcement of new standard terms and conditions for the interactive industry from the Internet Advertising Bureau and 4A's.

The last update to the T&C's was made in 2002, and the online advertising business has changed a lot since then. The most important change today has to do with the ownership of user data online. For the last eight years, it has been unclear who is responsible for maintaining marketing data online, a vaguery that has caused much grief in the industry.


IAB begins new creepy campaign to fight off regulation online

The online ad industry is fighting back complaints that it violates consumer privacy with a creepy new ad campaign. Literally, new online ads defending online advertising tactics are running with the tagline "advertising is creepy."

Much of the confusion about the ongoing privacy wars online comes down to consumer ignorance on the matter. The Internet Advertising Bureau is hoping to change that with the campaign that launched today — set to reach every American online. But even confronted with the details of online advertising, will consumers listen?

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IAB: Media companies need to make a "triple play" for digital business

Everyone online is trying to shift business online. But there are more than a few reasons why the digital shift has hit speed bumps. According to a new study by the Internet Advertising Bureau and Bain & Company, media companies need to offer a true triple-play service model — from direct response to awareness to high impact brand engagement — if they want to earn and keep digital business.

How can companies go about achieving that? Well, there are a few options.


Is online video destined to look like television programming?

Terrestrial television has been gutted by commercial fast-forwarding, but online that is not an option. And as much as people complain about pre-roll ads, they are increasingly watch them. As Brian Stelter notes in The New York Times today: "News Web sites are starting to look a lot less like newspapers and a lot more like television."

Can the networks reproduce the success of their old business model online by creating a limited quantity of quality video programming? Yes and no.


Online advertising stats round up

Here's a selection of recent social media stats, taken from a range of sources, including Econsultancy's Internet Advertising Statistics document, which forms part of the Internet Statistics Compendium, and other reports...

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Q&A: Matt Bailey on affiliate marketing trends

Matt Bailey is chair of the IAB's affiliate marketing council and head of affiliates at i-level which was named best digital media agency at the a4uAwards earlier this year. He talked to us about the latest trends in affiliate marketing and why some well known networks might struggle.


Study: Americans don't want targeted advertising

Behavioral targeting has been batted around by privacy advocates and regulators over the last year, but a new study from professors at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California, Berkeley has found that consumers not only want nothing to do with BT, they aren't interested in its side effect: better targeted ads.