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MySpace launches MyAds, but will it work?

MySpace has unveiled ‘MyAds’ to the world, an advertising platform aimed at small businesses with small budgets. Display ads can be bought on a cost-per-click basis.

The company wants to increase revenues during the economic downturn / correction / recession, but is this the magic bullet?

As I see it, there are five problems areas for MySpace to overcome (aside from the minor complaints that the site requires the latest version of Flash to work, and doesn’t work in Google Chrome).

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Google puts Yahoo deal on hold

Google and Yahoo have announced that their planned search advertising deal has been put on hold while the US Department of Justice (DoJ) completes its investigation of the deal.

Previously, despite indications that the DoJ might be preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google to block the deal, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt insisted that his company planned to move ahead with the arrangement come hell or high water.


Unity in search is crucial to success

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, we have been on the lookout for new bits of furniture for the living room, which has involved the internet as the primary resource during this research period.

This has also exposed me to a wide range of online marketing tactics, and a very wide range of websites from the good, to the unusable to the just plain bad.

It is, however, the lack of unity that has been one of the main features of many of the strategies.


SEO losing out to paid search budgets

British firms will spend a quarter more on search advertising this year than last, a new report released by E-consultancy predicts.

The online marketing maestros have published their Search Engine Marketing Buyer's Guide, which forecasts search marketing spending will increase by 24% this year.


Advertisers hit Google on Yahoo partnership

Yesterday I noted that Google has stepped on a few toes while walking down Madison Avenue.

Google's threat to ad agencies, in particular, has been discussed frequently and while the company claims that it has no intention to disintermediate agencies, its actions have won it more enemies and frenemies on Madison Avenue than friends.


Google turns 10

This weekend, Google celebrated its 10th birthday.

In September 1998, armed with $100,000 in seed money, Stanford graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry Page began a journey that a decade later has seen the development of a $150bn company that employs more than 20,000 people.

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Ten Firefox add-ons for SEO

One benefit of using Firefox is that it has a community of third party developers designing some very useful (and free) add-ons for the browser's users.

We've taken a look at some SEO-related examples....


Should marketers use multiple affiliate networks?

Should marketers use multiple affiliate networks? If so what are the pros, cons and pitfalls to avoid?

I sat down with the very experienced, Carolyn Tang to find out how marketers should go about making that critical decision. She didn't hesitate to give it to me straight!

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Four ways to speed up your landing pages

If your landing pages are taking too long to load up, then potential customers are going to get restless and may choose to click on another link.

This is even more important since Google decided to include landing page load times in its Quality Score criteria earlier this year, meaning that advertisers pay more for poorly performing pages.


Five free keyword research tools

Identifying relevant key phrases for your marketplace is a crucial starting point for your SEO and PPC marketing.

Here's a selection of some of the best free keyword research tools out there...


Q&A: Shane Lake, co-founder of

Hungryhouse, a site that helps users find and order takeaways online, came away from a Dragons' Den appearance last year with the promise of a £100,000 investment.

Unfortunately, the deal didn't work out in the end and co-founders Shane Lake and Tony Charles have since received a £150,000 cash injection from elsewhere. 

We talked to Shane about the Dragons' Den experience and where they see the site heading...


Google asks: Do you have any known allergies?

Google's long-awaited and long-hyped online health service has finally launched in the United States.

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