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Facebook fans: you find them, they don't find you

Back in the 90s, brands had to answer the question: "Do you have a website?" In 2010, brands are increasingly having to answer a similar question: "Do you have a Facebook Page?"

In some respects, Facebook Pages are the new web pages. With more than 500m registered users and counting, Facebook is to brands today what the internet was to brands in the 1990s when the consumer internet was in its infancy.


There's no such thing as "cruise control" with social media

Social media is a lot like a car: it's easy to buy, but harder to maintain. Just as many of us buy a new car, only to neglect the day-to-day maintenance that will keep it running smoothly for years to come, many individuals and businesses buy into social media but fail to do what's necessary to make the most of the investment.

Case in point: Britney Spears. The pop singer has more than 4m fans on her Facebook Page, making her one of the 50 most popular musicians on Facebook. But as detailed by Wired, the people running her Facebook Page are apparently "asleep at the switch."


Websites vs Facebook Pages: which URL should you promote?

According to Facebook, there are now more than 3m active Facebook Pages on the world's most popular social network. A growing number of them belong to businesses that are trying to tap into Facebook's massive audience.

For some of those businesses, a Facebook Page represents a significant investment, and for those with a substantial number of fans, a significant asset. But having a web presence on Facebook also creates some challenges. One of them: determining whether or not to promote the company website or the company's Facebook Page.


Does social media really deserve more love in the SERPs?

In my post earlier this week about Google Caffeine, I made the observation that certain Facebook Pages seemed to have received quite a rankings boost. I also noted some comments about Twitter pages receiving a boost as well.

As more and more people give Caffeine a whirl, the increased prominence of results from the social media sphere appears to be a widespread phenomenon.


How will your site rank with Google Caffeine?

When Google updates, SEOs around the world hold their breath. For websites that rely heavily on their Google SERPs for traffic, an algorithm change can sometimes mean the difference between profitability and the poorhouse.

Google's newest update, named Caffeine, is by all appearances more than just a regular update. Google describes it as a "next-generation architecture for Google's web search".


Facebook vanity URLs coming this weekend

Cancel your weekend plans. At 12:01 am EDT on Saturday, June 13, Facebook will open the floodgates on a long-awaited landrush.

At that time, all Facebook users will be able to select a vanity URL (eg.


State Farm sponsors a Facebook page, will more sponsorships follow?

Social networks are so intriguing to marketers because they represent the internet equivalent of a popular hangout, thoroughfare or stadium.

If you're looking for eyeballs, social networks like Facebook and MySpace have no shortage of them. But eyeballs don't always equate to revenue, or ROI, and capitalizing on them has proven hard for marketers and social network owners to do.