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Customer service goes social

Companies have rushed to embrace social media marketing, but there's more to social media than marketing.

Increasingly, whether companies like it or not, consumers expect companies to respond to customer service inquiries submitted via social channels like Twitter and Facebook. 

Unfortunately, it currently appears that companies are generally more adept at social marketing than they are at social customer service.


Facebook makes building a community harder

For many brands, Facebook Pages are seen as a channel through which a community of fans and customers can be built and engaged.

To facilitate engagement, Facebook provides a number of tools, ranging from the Wall to Photos to Discussions.


Is Facebook a black hole for brands?

With more than 750m users, Facebook is one of the most populous online hubs through which consumers can be reached.

That, not surprisingly, has made it a platform of significance to brands which thrive only when they reach consumers.

On the surface, many brands are succeeding, piling up 'likes' for their Facebook Pages by the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and in some instances, millions.

But according to London-based monitoring and analytics company Market Sentinel, brands aren't doing as well on Facebook as it might appear.


The Coca-Cola incident: a reminder that Facebook is not a social network

Geolocation is a great tool for personalizing messages to users based on where they're located.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Coca-Cola has applied geolocation to its Facebook Page, which has nearly 34m fans from all over the world.

But last week, the beverage company learned the hard way that a geolocation error can cause big problems on Facebook.


Rightmove crowdsources website improvements on Facebook

With its new Facebook campaign, property website Rightmove is aiming to get people involved in suggesting new features for its website. 

The Ideas Factory campaign asks Facebook users to register and submit ideas for possible improvements, as well as voting for the best ideas submitted by others. And, of course, there are iPads to be won...


Retailers on Facebook and Twitter

Which UK retailers are thriving on Facebook and Twitter?

In terms of follower and fan numbers, Topshop's social media strategy appears to be working well. It has the most followers on Twitter and Facebook fans of any UK retailer. 

According to a new Social Media Benchmark study by eDigital Research (registration/survey required), retailers are continuing to grow their presence on social networks, though less than half are currently offering consumers the option of shopping from these accounts. 


The biggest mistake from marketers on Facebook today? Ignorance!

Yeah, you might think this controversial headline will get me some likes and tweets (well, you bet it will!), but the matter of fact is, that the biggest mistake that marketers on Facebook make is indeed ignorance.

Let me take a few minutes to explain why I think that...


Facebook photo spammers target popular brands

Converse is a well-loved brand with a fantastic history. I remember buying my first pair of All-Stars like it was yesterday (it wasn’t). 

The company has sold 800m pairs of All-Stars, to the likes of Joey Ramone, Kurt Cobain and Snoop Dogg. 

As such it comes as no surprise to discover that the brand is popular on Facebook, although the scale of its popularity is somewhat jaw-dropping.

Facebook places

Why you should have a hyperlocal Facebook strategy

Are you already local on Facebook? How about being hyperlocal? In this post, I'll be explaining why your company should have a hyperlocal social media strategy. 


Which Facebook marketing metrics matter the most?

In my first contribution to Econsultancy two weeks ago, I wrote about how opening a Facebook page is like opening a flagship store, and I would like to follow-up on that article that stressed the importance of Facebook page management. 

Most of you probably do have a Facebook Page for your business, but you might not be measuring some of these metrics mentioned below...


Opening a Facebook Page is like opening a flagship store

A question I'm often asked by clients is: how many people can I get from Facebook to my website?

However, this is the wrong question, since it`s not only the visitors that a Facebook page can generate, you have to focus on different areas.


Why do people follow brands on Facebook?

Exactly why do people follow brands on Facebook? I thought I’d ask that question to a whole bunch of consumers to find out. 

The survey coincides with the launch of Econsultancy’s 90-page best practice guide to creating Facebook Pages, which I co-authored, and which we released today. 

The guide, aimed squarely at brands (and agencies that build pages for clients), contains 50 recommendations and includes 60+ examples of Facebook Pages. It should provide you with lots of insight and ideas to help you brainstorm and execute a brilliant Facebook strategy for your company.