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Facebook and its changing metrics

Brand marketers may 'like' Facebook, but the world's largest social network has created numerous challenges. ROI is often hard to find; Facebook says it can take a year to produce. And despite the promise, certain kinds of initiatives may simply not work.

Now that it's a publicly-traded company, Facebook is under even greater pressure to live up to its valuation, which currently reflects the fact that investors believe the social network has significant room to grow. To deliver the necessary growth, it has to find ways to convince marketers that it's a productive marketing platform.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, that may not be easy, and it may create big headaches.


Does Facebook work for marketers? comScore says yes

Since going public in what may be remembered as one of biggest IPO disasters ever, Facebook has come under fire as industry observers question the efficacy of its ad offerings.

But is all of the criticism of Facebook deserved? No, at least according to comScore.


Search engines driving less traffic to Facebook Pages: report

Some advertisers may be questioning their investments in paid Facebook ads, but even the brands most unhappy with Facebook's paid advertising offerings are, by and large, continuing to spend big bucks on their Facebook Pages.

Those Facebook Pages may not technically be owned media, but Facebook Pages are free, and brands have more control over them than anything else on Facebook, so they're often treated like owned media.


Six clever examples of branded Facebook apps

Facebook apps are a good way for brands to engage with their fans in a way that doesn't feel like a hard sell.

They also have the added bonus of scraping lots of useful consumer data. However, apps aren’t necessarily right for all brands.

They need to be in keeping with the company's values and offer users something they want to engage with and share with friends.

Here are six examples of brands that have put Facebook apps to good use.


GM ditching paid Facebook ads: report

Facebook apparently hasn't experienced any problems convincing investors to put their money into its IPO, but while the social network focuses its attention on Wall Street, it might do well to pay more attention to a nearby street: Madison Avenue.

That's because, according to a Wall Street Journal report, GM, the world's largest car maker, apparently isn't hot on Facebook's paid ads.


Google+ brand pages seeing adoption, engagement growth: report

The future of Google's greatest social networking effort to date, Google+, may be debatable, but the search giant hasn't found it very difficult to lure brands to Google+.

And for good reason: Google+ has been Google's most respectable social effort to date and brands have learned that getting on board services before they get big is often a far better strategy than waiting until it's too late.


Stüssy: will Strip for Likes on Facebook

Fashion brands are generally in the business of selling clothes.

But getting consumers to Like you on Facebook is difficult, so Amsterdam-based Stüssy apparently decided that a different approach was required to boost the number of fans it has on Facebook.

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40+ useful posts on Facebook for marketers

With Facebook's new Timelines for brands due to go live today, I thought it would be a good time to round up some of our posts on Facebook marketing. 

Topics covered include f-commerce, timelines, the EdgeRank algorithm, customer service, as well as lots of useful Facebook stats... 


Twitter set to roll out enhanced brand pages

In the world of social media, many brands are doubling down on their investments. And when it comes to those investments, much is being focused on a few popular services.

One of those popular services: Twitter.

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Will Mattel produce a bald Barbie following Facebook campaign?

Should Mattel create a bald Barbie?

More than 100,000 people on who have 'liked' the Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Facebook Page think it should, presenting Mattel with both a challenge and opportunity.


Facebook Pages deliver paltry CTRs: report

For major brands, Facebook Pages have become increasingly important. In an effort to be 'liked', many brands are promoting their Facebook URLs in television and print ad campaigns, and are enticing users with coupons and other promotions.

But those investing significant amounts of time and money into creating 'engagement' on their Facebook Pages might want to consider what they're getting in return.

That's because according to a study of 84,000 links posted across more than 5,500 Facebook Page operators in October conducted by Edge Rank Checker, Pages with more than 100,000 fans deliver a paltry CTR of 0.14%.


On Facebook, the most liked get richer

In the past, some search industry observers have suggested that Google has increasingly favored brands in its SERPs.

Supporting the arguments that Google has a brand bias were quotes like those made by Eric Schmidt, Google's now-former CEO, who once stated that the internet was becoming a "cesspool" and that "brands are how you sort out the cesspool".