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Q&A: Lenstore's Mitesh Patel on online marketing Lenstore logo is a fast-growing etailer of contact lenses that was founded late last year. 

The company aims to target consumers who buy their lenses online and go to their opticians for professional care -  a trend that is apparently less prevalent in the UK than other countries, such as the US and Sweden.

We asked director Mitesh Patel how he is looking to change that, as well as where he sees the brand going.


Happy staff = happy customers. Right?

It has long been believed that to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction, a company needs to have satisfied staff.

But is this true?


Seedcamp announces seven winners

The second Seedcamp contest for internet startups came to a close on Friday, with seven winners announced.

These seven startups will each receive 50,000 Euros in return for an equity stake (last year it was 10%). They will also take part in a three month mentoring programme to get them started.


Joost proves serial success is hard to achieve

By almost any measure, internet entrepreneurs Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström achieved more business success by the age of 40 than most entrepreneurs could hope to achieve in a lifetime.

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West Coast tech conferences - the good and the bad

Last week was an important one for technology entrepreneurs in the United States.

Two of the most anticipated technology conferences - DEMOfall08 and TechCrunch50 - were held. They were highly anticipated not only because of the drama surrounding them but because they promised high-profile product launches.


Site review: Raptr

Raptr, a social network which tracks users' gaming activity on their Xbox, PS3, Wii and PC, has just launched in public beta.


Amongst other things, it lets you know when your friends are gaming, which is a nifty idea. I've signed up to see how it works...


The first half of 2008: the internet economy in review

With the first half of 2008 solidly behind us, I thought it'd be worthwhile to look back at some of the general trends established in the internet economy. After all, it's hard to know where you're going if you don't know where you've been.

What follows are the most important trends I saw in the first half of the year.


How to look like a million bucks

In the world of business, image counts for a lot. It may not be everything, but sometimes it's pretty darn close.

Sure, you always have to deliver, but sometimes getting a new client or closing a big deal is as dependent upon how you look to the client as it is upon how qualified you are.


Why bother with e-commerce?

Despite the success and continued growth of e-commerce, there are still plenty of retailers who have yet to take the plunge and sell their products or services online.  

This includes well known high street companies like Clarks and H&M, as well as plenty of smaller retailers.

E-consultancy has put together a Beginner's Guide to E-commerce (free to download once you create a user account) that can to be used as a starting point for retailers who want to learn more. There are some very good reasons to sell online...


Is PR broken?

Steve Rubel, a senior vice president at Edelman Digital, essentially asked in a recent blog post if PR is becoming obsolete.


Founder of UK blog network plays the blame game

I discussed the economics of blogging recently, sparking a bit of debate.

And it seems for good reason. The evolution of the blogosphere as a business hasn't been easy for many of its participants.


Entrepreneurs, profitability and opportunity cost

Last week, I came across an interesting blog post.

Giacomo Guilizzoni, who was formerly a senior engineering lead at Adobe, recently launched a software company called Balsamiq which is focused on developing plug-ins for existing "Web Office" platforms.

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