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Eight alternatives and workarounds for missing (not provided) data

With Google's recent changes removing most of the remaining organic keyword data, I thought I'd round up some of the workarounds and alternatives for measuring organic traffic. 

Of course, nothing can really substitute for the real data and, as pointed out here, it may force SEOs to analyse a greater breadth of data, and to look at things like organic performance per page, not just per keyword. 

Until then, here are some tips and alternatives to organic keyword data...


Google's keyword data apocalypse: the experts' view

Yesterday it emerged that Google is planning to encrypt even more organic search queries, thus removing even more search keyword data from sites. 

The already tricky task of measuring natural search data has been made even harder by this latest move. 

I've been canvassing opinions of search marketing experts on the latest move from Google...


Why misleading your customers is a bad strategy

Cloud file storage and syncing service Dropbox is arguably one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley. It recently hit two big milestones: 25m users, and 200m files saved each day, and appears to have a very bright future.

But it also has a bit of explaining to do following a change to its Terms of Service.


The problem with Facebook's latest privacy solution

Earlier this week, Facebook found itself embroiled in yet another privacy "breach". And on cue, the media, politicians, and lawyers (yes, those lawyers) were ready to pounce.

At issue: the fact that Facebook user IDs were being shared with advertising and analytics companies through Facebook applications.