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Do digital leaders need both client-side and agency-side experience?

In our digital marketing and e-commerce careers guide, published at the beginning of the month, we put together some of the industry’s best advice on how senior digital professionals can improve their career.

As so much great advice was contributed that we couldn't include in the report itself, we've been publishing blog posts featuring the commentary we received.

Last week we asked whether it was better to be a generalist or specialist in digital marketing, and the week beforehand we asked what attributes were most sought after in senior digital professionals

This week our contributors answer the question: do digital leaders need both client-side and agency-side experience?

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Should digital marketers be generalists or specialists?

In our recently published Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Careers Guide, we have put together some of the industry’s best advice on how senior digital professionals can improve their career. The advice we received from our contributors was excellent, and in many cases there was a broad spectrum of opinion regarding how best to accelerate one’s career.

Digital Marketing and E-commerce Careers Guide

Getting into digital: new guide for students and graduates

Digital Marketing and E-commerce Careers GuideEconsultancy has today published a Digital Marketing and E-commerce Careers Guide, aimed at UK students and graduates looking to get into digital marketing and e-commerce. The report, which is free to download, is a goldmine of information for aspiring digital marketers and provides constructive advice along with industry insights to better inform those looking to enter the industry.

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The secrets of digital career success: experts reveal all

In our recently published Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Careers Guide, we have included detailed information about how senior digital professionals can improve their career. In all, 17 well respected industry figures provided over 10,000 words of constructive advice on what digital marketers can do to fast track their careers. However, with so much good material, we simply couldn’t fit it all in. Over the next coming weeks, we want to share with you some of the best advice we received.


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Fast track your digital marketing career: new guide

Econsultancy has published its first Digital Marketing and E-commerce Careers Guide, aimed at UK digital professionals looking to take the next step in their professional development. The report, which is free to registered users, looks in detail at the skills required to be a digital leader, with insight from senior managers and profiles of specialist recruitment companies.  


Digital versus direct; using data for good

What’s in a name? Well, if you believe the digital versus direct debate that has been raging in the marketing industry recently, the answer would be ‘a hell of a lot’!

On the one hand, digital agencies are criticised for being overly focused on a channel, whereas the ‘direct’ guys sit across different channels but are tainted with a historical focus on spammy practices and tactics.


How to increase traffic volume without adding new keywords

Many marketers still find themselves spending hours of time having to review raw query reports with the slight hope that keyword expansion tools might be able to help them identify those key terms that their campaigns are missing.

Adding new keywords and refining match types might be important for optimisation, but it’s not necessarily the fastest way to increase volume. Often, advertisers focused on growing their paid search programs pay too much attention to keyword expansion activities. 

This isn’t surprising, especially given the multitude of keyword tools out there such as Wordstream, Trellian, or Adgooroo, each promoting their own version of keyword data. 

However, once marketers have built out their core search programs, the process of adding long-tail terms can require a massive expansion and yet only return a slight impact on traffic volumes.


What about the product?

Digital marketing campaigns sometimes seem to have drifted too far from the products they exist to promote. 


Stats: Latin America for marketers

Recent updates to the Latin America edition of our Internet Statistics Compendium over the past few months have highlighted the exciting digital growth across the continent.


92:1: marketing’s dirty little statistic

If you were to ask digital marketers how effective their marketing budget is at delivering results, they’d probably share some great statistics about metrics, return on investment and customer engagement.

The fact is that while few will admit it, not many companies are getting maximum return on investment for their digital marketing efforts.


Introduction to DDG and digital sales & marketing for SME/SMBs

This is an introductory article for small to medium businesses who are either behind the digital sales and marketing curve, or who are dabbling with digital tactics for either branding or lead generation purposes. 

The focus of this article is 'Digital Demand Generation' (DDG), a discipline that combines a custom combination of digital tactics for lead generation (traffic), and an implementation of a marketing automation tool to manage lead progression through the funnel towards a closed sale. 

This discipline is now emerging as Revenue Performance Management (RPM) and was originally termed Marketing Automation. Regardless of title, progressive organisations can make significant strides forward with DDG  by increasing their number of leads, number of sales qualified conversions and reduction of the sales cycle in terms of time and expense. 

Using digital marketing tactics, marketing automation tools and the latest best practices can result in a tremendous revenue growth opportunity for SMEs, but be sure to consider the suitability of DDG for your business.


In praise of legal and procurement: 9 ways to get to yes

I think we can all agree digital marketing doesn’t fit neatly into a single slot. Hence, success requires digital marketers to be expert at yet another skill: the ability to drive organizational change. Loosely translated, this means, "Those idiots and their rules are driving me so crazy I could throttle them." Completely understandable, digital marketing is hard enough as is.