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20 ecommerce trends and predictions for 2015

Just before Christmas I asked our expert panel of ecommerce professionals to look into their crystal balls and predict the trends that are likely to shape ecommerce in 2015. 

Here are 20 such predictions, from mobile to multichannel...


13 ecommerce best practice lessons from

We're often looking for examples of good, and not so good, practice in ecommerce for our reports and articles, and there are a few sites you can generally rely on for the former. 

One of these in, formerly Appliances Online. The company was launched 14 years ago and its recent IPO valued it at around £1.6bn. 

A key reason behind the company's growth can be found in its focus on good design and customer experience, as well as a culture of testing and optimisation.

As a result, contains many examples of ecommerce best practice that others can learn from. Here are just a few...


Crossing the ecommerce pond: understanding US customers

As our world continues to become a much smaller place, the ability to buy goods online from other countries is on the rise.

One valuable target group for UK online retailers are US customers shopping on their sites.

We’ve used our own data to explore the shopping behaviour of this particular customer group to help UK ecommerce companies maximise the revenue opportunity these shoppers bring. 

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The secret to amazing packaging experiences

How many box openings does it take to create a box that is a consummate joy to open?

While this sounds like a daunting brain teaser, Apple answers it concretely through usability testing.

Only a select few of Apple’s packaging designers have the mundane privilege of opening hundreds of prototype boxes in a secretive packaging room at their headquarters. 

This probably doesn’t surprise you, if you bought an Apple product in the past decade.

Opening the box to your first iPad or MacBook Air might have been an indelible, memorable experience, one in which you couldn’t contain your excitement and surprise as you unraveled the packaging, piece-by-piece. 

If your experience was similar to mine, opening the Apple package was probably so delightful that you may have ironically struggled with the idea of parting ways with the box!


Can the pound shop model work online?

Over the past fortnight, two pound shops have launched ecommerce sites, which makes it some sort of trend in my book. 

The two sites are Poundworld, and, and all offer broadly products, though the former has a greater volume on offer. 

'Value' retailers such as pound shops and fashion brands like Primark have been some of the few success stories during the recession, but will this model work online? 

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Online retailers offering more delivery options: stats

In 2013, 83% of retailers gave customers a choice of home delivery options, though less than half (47%) of retailers offered three or more services.

Micros has released its 2014 Multichannel Retail Delivery Report, in which 239 retail websites were tested for their delivery flexibility, customer service and delivery performance.

Here we’ll be taking a specific look at the range of delivery options available from retail websites and how they compare year-on-year.

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Will high street retailers win the battle for delivery speed?

Five years ago pure play was the king of the ecommerce jungle. The lean business models, efficient tax structures and minimal property costs were destined to mean the end of bricks-and-mortar retail as we know it.

Now, however, the high street is fighting back from an unexpected quarter. 


Ecommerce and Christmas delivery: some retailers still don't get it

For anyone thinking of buying online between now and Christmas Eve, one of the biggest questions will be 'can this retailer deliver in time for Christmas?'.

However, many ecommerce sites are still way too vague about this information. This means that people will either decide not to order, or will press ahead and risk disappointment. 

With the example of children's onesies (which seem to be like hen's teeth this year), I'll be looking at the approaches of different sites. 

15 ways ecommerce sites can use urgency to increase conversions

15 ways ecommerce sites can use urgency to increase conversions

Ecommerce sites can use urgency in various ways, through showing low stock levels, encouraging people to buy quickly for faster delivery, or by using email to pull customers into sales. 

The tactic can work as it forces the customer to make a faster decision about the potential purchase, based on this new information. 

So, here are 15 examples of the use of urgency by online retailers... 

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10 emails I have deleted and why

Before we get started, I have two apologies to make: one to every company featured in this blog post (my opinion obviously has little bearing on the success of your marketing efforts), and another for writing a post with a wholly negative premise.

In my defence, it’s often a lot easier to run your own emails against a checklist of ‘do nots’, as it arguably supplies some super-quick fixes.

Anyway, off we go.


Ecommerce delivery: what do customers want?

Delivery has come a long way since the early days of ecommerce, but some online retailers are still failing to offer a range of delivery options to suit their customers' needs. 

As stats from a new Econsultancy Multichannel Retail Survey show, customers are demanding more flexibility in delivery options, and retailers need to offer this to increase conversions. 

The survey, conducted using the Toluna survey tool, found that 50% of respondents had abandoned a purchase online due to unsatisfactory delivery options. 

So which options are customers looking for, and who is offering them? 


Effective ecommerce: five tips to improve the after-sales service

Perhaps the biggest drawback of online shopping is the time gap between purchasing and playing with goods.

Retailers need to do everything they can to make this after-sales period informative to build crucial customer loyalty.

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