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Posts tagged with Customer Service

British Airways complaint

Six customer service lessons for @British_Airways

In the past month I had a bad experience with British Airways.

In short, I left my iPad on a plane and it took six days for them to find it and charge me for its safe return.

This post is more about the way BA handled my issues both online and offline and how there are a lot of flaws in its customer service and social media management.

I’ll write about my experience as objectively as possible while still providing actionable tips.

comcast logo

Is there anything at all we can take from that Comcast cancellation call?

Ryan Block called Comcast to cancel his service. An argumentative agent seemingly couldn’t believe this was happening and almost refused to comply.

Here’s the phone call. If you can listen to it all, do so. It feels like a sermon on how not to do customer service.

Plenty of people are writing about this. But is it anything more than a bad agent?

Here’s what I take from it.


Social media management companies: are they worth it?

Are social media management companies worth it?

Although ‘horses for courses’ applies, I’m going to attempt to address this question with the help of a few brand case studies.


TfL and social media: saving people from locked toilets

Is social media a boon or a pain for transport providers?

Lucy Whitehead of TfL spoke at Hootsuite’s premier Connect event in London.

For those not as London-centric as I, TfL is Transport for London, and it controls pretty much all transport in London (funnily enough).

In fact, Lucy said that the only way TfL couldn’t impact on a journey across the English capital is if it was undertaken by helicopter, roof to roof.

The theme of Lucy’s talk was the size of the task (and opportunity) for TfL on social media, and how it uses the various platforms to try to inspire a ‘bit more love’ in, let’s be honest, some easily disgruntled commuters.

Let’s look at some of the key points. And yes, we will get to the toilet escapology in due course!

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stars and stripes

US digital marketing statistics we've enjoyed this week

This week's US digital marketing statistics features the world's biggest brands and, neatly enough, detail on brand fatigue worldwide.

There's also stats on consumer preferences in customer service, Twitter use by digital marketers and what the World Cup could mean for retailers.

For more digital marketing stats, check out the Econsultancy Internet Statistics Compendium.

barclaycard logo

Barclaycard’s social customer service: balancing compliance with communication

How difficult is it for a major company in the financial services industry to maintain an efficient customer service channel that fully complies to banking regulations whilst also operating in the public eye?

Richard Atkinson is the assistant VP of social media and incident management at Barclaycard. Yesterday he was interviewed by Joshua March, CEO of Conversocial during Our Social Times’ Social Customer Service Summit 2014 in which he revealed how Barclaycard has worked through it's regulatory and compliance issues to provide high quality social customer service

These are the main takeaways from their conversation. 

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Five ways ecommerce sites can boost profits

Profit margins determine whether businesses sink or swim and this is especially true in the hypercompetitive ecommerce industry.

So what can retailers do to improve profit margins?


Why online businesses still need call centres

Driven by growing multichannel interactions with their customers, many businesses are moving away from call centres in favour of social media and virtual help centres to deal with customer complaints and queries.

The thought is that customers engaging with lower cost channels should be supported through siloed touch points and diverted away from higher cost call centres.

However, the power of the call centre shouldn’t be understated.

klm twitter

How KLM nails social customer care

130 dedicated social customer care employees, social payment for customers, flight attendants supplied taking social enquiries offline, an updating Twitter header displaying average response time.

These are some of the elements of KLM's social customer care that make it world beating.

Let's have a closer look, courtesy of Robertjan Groenveld, social media hub manager at KLM, speaking at Socialbakers' Engage London 2014.

schuh logo

How in-store tech improves customer service for Schuh

There are obvious benefits to endless aisle technology, click and collect and a single view of stock. However, there are other in-store considerations when trying to improve customer service.

How to increase speed of service in-store? How to increase customer and staff satisfaction? Online and offline considerations continue to blur, as ecommerce benefits from bricks and mortar, and vice versa.

Stuart McMillan, Deputy Head of Ecommerce at Schuh, is a regular commenter on the Econsultancy blog and kindly showed a few of the Econsultancy team around Schuh's Marble Arch store in London last week. 

With in-store customer experience and flexible fulfillment increasingly on the agenda for retailers, here's a round-up of what I learned from Schuh.

twitter logo

Twitter is the 'least effective' customer service channel for UK brands

Despite the fact that 76% of UK organisations run a Twitter account, only 39% of them are able to answer customer service questions asked directly through the channel.

It seems that although the move to social has generally seen brands able to communicate in a more personalised and timely manner with followers, they are still struggling to provide adequate customer service through Twitter.

These findings come from the recently released Eptica Multichannel Customer Experience Study which evaluated 100 UK companies on their ability to provide answers to 10 routine questions via the web, as well as their speed and accuracy when responding to email, Twitter and via the website.

The results are patchy at best...

regus logo

Regus CRM shows a company in need of digital transformation

The first thing to do is set my stall out. This isn’t a post attacking Regus, providers of business and meeting space, rather one intending to point out something that lots of its customers are surely struggling with.

Being constructively critical, I have found Regus’ finance department and its CRM systems to sometimes work in opposition with Regus’ commitment to good service.

At times I have torn my hair out wondering how Regus can provide me with an inconsistent customer experience, something that feels so different depending on who I’m talking to. I’ve often felt like account representatives haven’t any idea of who I am or of my value, both past and present.

I’ve had brilliant account managers and the service on the day is always top notch, but where the service sometimes comes up short is in the aftercare. In the current climate of customer revolution, with companies better informed and less willing to spend, customer experience is key.

The latest trends in digital are all about trying to improve the customer experience, and accurate and timely comms over the customer lifecycle is as important as it gets in B2B.

So, in this post I’ll detail some of my problems and discuss them in the context of organisational change and joining up data. Maybe we’ll find a way out of these Kafkaesque corridors where I repeatedly plead with some strange new arbiter, asking them to just look a little bit harder for my records.