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Could content marketing replace the SEO department?

A couple of weeks ago I was on a panel to discuss the role of content marketing to coincide with the release of Econsultancy’s Content Marketing Survey Report.

I was principally there to represent the publisher’s side of this new approach, but one comment I made seemed to cause a stir. It was: If you’re struggling to find a separate budget for content marketing, you could rename your SEO department to ‘Content Marketing’, rather than set up a new cost line.

It might then be easier to gain investment for the new discipline, because you’re not setting up a whole new department. I’m sure if you read this article, we’ll come to some agreement.


Five content marketing lessons from the Red Bull Stratos jump

Sunday saw Felix Baumgartner pass the speed of sound as he broke a 52-year-old record for the highest recorded parachute jump.

While the act in itself was highly impressive, of interest to marketers was the way Red Bull achieved major exposure for its brand through this feat, making the headlines internationally and having eight million people watch the jump live. 

The jump was not simply good PR, but something more. It was great content marketing, something that will become increasingly important, according to the recent Econsultancy/Outbrain Content Marketing Survey Report.

Here are some lessons we can take away from the jump.


Q&A: Mark Schaefer on creating web content that creates a reaction. Part one

Mark Schaefer
is the author of two best-selling books on social media and the opportunities and challenges present for brands and individuals online.

The Tao of Twitter was self-published in 2011 (Updated in 2012), and Return on Influence followed in March 2012, published by McGraw-Hill Professional.

We caught up with Mark while he was in the U.K. promoting Return on Influence and spoke about content marketing, influencer tracking tools and more in this two-part series.


How to build a digital relationship that lasts

Making new friends and building new relationships when you are an adult is not easy. Anyone who has ever moved house, city or job can testify to this. There are reams of advice columns in magazines about how to do it.

Even the New York Times covered the topic in an article it published this summer. One interviewee stated she had a friend for every segment of her life.

Your website can use this basic principle to make new friends and keep them too. Designing, personalising and segmenting the content on your site for each user allows you to build a relationship with them that will last. 

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Your company is awash with great content

Content marketing is a voracious consumer of content. Where do you find yours?

We get this all the time.

A company will approach us to talk about B2B content marketing (which we love, by the way) and we'll ask what content they have already.

"Nothing," they say, "We don't have any content."

In our experience, this is... how do I put this... not true.


Which content marketing metrics are you using?

Content marketing is all the rage right now, but how are publishers measuring the success of their content strategies? What are the most important metrics? 

Of course, the answer may depend on the type of business and the aims of any content strategy, but some metrics are useful whatever the purpose. 

I'll look at some of the responses from our Content Marketing Survey Report, sponsored by Outbrain...


Twitter Search sucks, so why not use Topsy?

Twitter Search should be brilliant but the reality is that it pretty much sucks. I can only assume that the reason Twitter has limited the scope and functionality of its search tool is so that it can sell its data.

As such it has taken a third party called Topsy to create a ‘social search’ engine based on content posted to Twitter. It has been around for a little while, but I thought I’d give it some love because it has become my go-to place to unearth old tweets, and there are a few other things it can do too.


Just 38% of companies have a content marketing strategy: report

While the importance of content marketing is beyond dispute, with 90% of respondents believing that it will become more important over the next 12 months, just 38% currently have a defined strategy in place. 

Econsultancy's first Content Marketing Survey Report, produced in association with Outbrain, is based on a survey of more than 1,300 digital marketing professionals working for brands, publishers and agencies. 

Here are a few highlights from the survey report...


How to sell B2B content marketing to the dinosaurs who pay your salary

Your number one challenge as a B2B marketer today: evangelising the new dynamics of content marketing to the folks who grew up on old-style marketing.

There are two kinds of B2B marketers. Those who have noticed that B2B marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years and those who haven't.

The problem for those of us who have noticed: most of us are reporting to people who haven't.


This week's top six infographics

Here's a round up of some of the best infographics we've seen this week.

Topics include content marketing, the future of retail, the importance of imagery in social media, and the ROI of infographics. 

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Post-Penguin survival dominates Affiliate Summit #ASE12

At Econsultancy, we've been writing about the changes being implemented off the back of Google's Penguin update and how it will affect what you do to your site. How are we surviving in this post-Penguin world? And how are affiliates and those sites that relied on link building (amongst other things) to make their money, going to continue to stay in business?

This morning at Affiliate Summit East in New York, Wil Reynolds, founder of SEER Interactive, spoke about the changes Google has made with Penguin and how to prepare for the ones that will be game changers. Immediately following his session, Lornen Baker, Vice President of Business Development at BlueGlass, spoke about how we have to look at link building in a new way.


What's your content marketing plan of attack? [infographic]

This infographic from Quaturo looks at content marketing in Google's post-penguin/panda world, and how marketers can avoid the SEO minefield that has developed as a result of recent algorithm updates.