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21 ways to commit brand suicide in the 21st Century

I always believed that brand suicide was essentially the result of some major foot-in-mouth event, or a product fail of epic proportions. Moreover, it was not so much the failure itself, but rather the result of not being able to manage and recover from that failure. There’s a right way and a wrong way to dig your brand out of a hole.

But this big picture stuff isn’t the only way brands die. When it comes down to it brands die at a micro level. Brand suicide occurs whenever an individual has ‘had it’ with a company, be that the result of shoddy treatment, or disappointment with products and services.

Normally when this happens to me I tell people about it, in the strongest possible terms. That used to be a relatively limited group of people, but nowadays I can (and do) communicate my annoyance / misery on Twitter, which gives any disgruntled customer a lot more reach. And as such the world is a scarier place for brands than ever before.

The vast social media echo chamber means that brands are now at real danger from lots of small events, rather than one big one. We are living in an age where brands die by 1,000 cuts, rather than one almighty chop. The rise in popularity of social / user-generated platforms like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia means that brands are more exposed than ever.

So how can brands go about killing themselves slowly?


MPs as brands: does name-recognition matter?

Last week while working on a campaign for a client, some new research rolled in showing that only 53% of Britons know the name of their MP. This revelation spurned chatter in the office about the implications of this in terms of personal branding.

Are MPs also brands? And if so, does it matter that there's such low brand-recognition amongst the target audience (read: constituents)?

Some of these questions were answered following an interaction with an MP, whom I presented the findings to via Twitter.


Facebook could send small marketers running with contest rule changes

Three weeks ago, Facebook changed the rules for brands trying to create contests and promotions on the social network. Marketers are still trying to figure out how the guidelines will affect them. But it looks like some of the best tools on the network will no longer be available for brands. For marketers looking to get a lot of marketing reach without a lot of spend, it looks like Facebook may no longer by the place to go.


Viral video excellence: 10 examples of big brand action

What makes a great viral video? This is a problem I’ve been coming up against recently, especially as there’s always the simple risk that when trying to do anything viral: it will either work or it won’t. 

This is something I’m going to try and explore across a couple of blog posts in the next month or so, as the subject is so huge and complex, but a good starting point seems to be to showcase some of the best examples of viral advertising that currently exist.


Q&A: Gary Vaynerchuk on branding and the new thank you economy

Gary Vaynerchuk transformed online wine sales at his parents business through his passionate and entertaining wine videos online. The New Jersey based wine retailer took to the web in 2006, and since then his popular Web video series “Wine Library TV” has boosted both Gary's public profile and his parents' liquor store — from a $4 million annual business into a $45 million one.

His video blog attracts an average 80,000 viewers for daily tastings and commentary, and Gary has appeared on mainstream media outlets from Conan O'Brien to The Today Show. His unconventional approach to wine (he convinced O'Brien lick a rock and to get at some of the notes common in wine) has earned him a cult following.

This week, he released the first book in his ten-book deal with Harper Collins. "Crush It! Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion" advises readers on how to turn their hobby — through enthusiasm, hard work and the power of the Internet — into a successful career. I caught up with Gary to chat about how he built his business on social media and why successful people who advise against working hard are lying.


Finding the perfect domain name

Building a brilliant brand online requires a brilliant domain name but unfortunately, supply and demand aren't in your favor when it comes to acquiring great domains. Trying to find a catchy .com can seem as difficult as trying to catch a fly.

But that doesn't mean that the perfect domain name is out of your reach. To the contrary: when you know where to look, finding the domain you've always dreamed of can be far easier than you might imagine.


One in five tweets are brand related. And it's not all negative.

Last week Twitter revised its terms of service to allow advertising, but brands are already targeting users on the service. And a new study shows that one in five tweets are already about brands.

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Anatomy of a re-branding: The Economist

Back in July I wrote about the planned re-branding of The Economist. It was a risky move because The Economist is a magazine with a sterling reputation and an affluent readership. Two months on, the full strategy behind the re-branding has appeared online. 

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The 10 things you need to build a brand

There's a lot of talk about 'branding' these days. But not every company is a 'brand' in the modern sense of the word.

So what's required to turn your company into a brand? Here are 10 things that you should have.


The rise of the branded netbook?

We all know that mobile phones have become a fashion item. Not only do people customize and accessorize them, we've even seen branded mobile phones.

Could the same thing happen with increasingly popular netbooks?


A five-step guide to creating an amazing brand

I'm working on a new startup / brand and have been doing a lot of reading lately on branding. This morning I was truly blown away by a presentation called The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier, which sums up the modern age of branding in 162 genius slides. I liked it so much I bought the book.

As much as I wanted to feature Marty's slideshow alone (it is arguably all you need) there are other sources of inspiration out there, and I have compiled four additional presentations - including one video from Gary Vaynerchuk - which will help focus minds on the most important factors when trying to establish a brand.

These presentations can be digested in half an hour or so, and I found them all really helpful. Remember that even if you're 80% on track, there's still 20% scope for improvement. And besides Gary V is always worth tuning into. Enjoy...

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The beginning, middle and end of brand storytelling

Storytelling is being hailed as the new big idea, but it's not that new.  What makes a good story in this viral, user-generated, post advertising world has always made a good story. 

From papyrus to pulpit to plasma screen, the attributes of a ripping yarn have remained the same: credibility, digestibility, and most importantly, emotional resonance.