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Are Bing users flocking to advertisers — or away from Yahoo?

Are web surfers that use Bing more susceptible to advertising? If they are — and continue using the search engine — that could be very good news for Microsoft.

A new study by search-advertising network Chitika found that Bing users clicked on an ad 1.5% of the time on average, versus a 0.97% clickthrough rate for Google visitors and a 1.24% clickthrough rate for Yahoo.

If that means Microsoft and Yahoo users pay more attention to advertising, it could be very good news for the smaller search engines. But it could also spell trouble for both if users are simply switching between the two services depending on which has the best advertising at any given moment.

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Recession trend: more clicks, lower CPCs, higher ROI

When Google reported its Q2 earnings yesterday, it beat analyst expectations. But all the news wasn't good news, at least for Google.

In the area of paid clicks, Google experienced an unhealthy downward trend: total paid clicks declined 2% from Q1 and more importantly, the average cost-per-click (CPC) in the second quarter fell 13% year-over-year.

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Google closes in on real-time search

When will Google get into real-time search? Soon enough.

Last week, both Bing and Facebook incorporated Twitter and Twiiter-like features into their services.

This week, Google's Marissa Mayer says Google finds real-time search "interesting," but she's still not spilling the beans on when Google will integrated the service into its search portfolio.

6 comments gets returns from NASCAR advertising

Microsoft's new search engine Bing has been aggressively trying to scrape away at Google's search dominance with a $100 million advertising campaign, but has found traction betting a smaller ad budget on the racetrack.

Since last December, Ask has put nearly all of its marketing resources into NASCAR sponsorships and events. And early returns show that the strategy appears to be working.

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5 reasons Google should worry about Bing

Google commands a dominant share of the search market and there's no sign that this will change anytime soon.

But should it be worried about Microsoft's recently-launched 'decision engine', Bing?


Ten alternative search engines

Did anyone notice Google crashed for a few minutes yesterday?  More to the point, if you experienced it, did you just throw up your hands in despair and wander off to make a cup of tea, or did you use another search engine to find what you were looking for?

This highlights the issue that’s being hotly debated within search teams across the UK, if not the world: Can anyone challenge Google? Although that in itself is a different blog-post, I’ve quickly thrown together a list of some nifty alternatives to the search engine giant. 


Bing is off to a good start: comScore

In the first week following the launch of its new 'decision engine', Bing, Microsoft's search property saw its average daily penetration amongst searchers grow by 1.7% and its share of search results pages grow by 2%.

That's according to comScore, which, like so many others, has been monitoring Bing's debut.


Microsoft is getting marketing savvy

When one thinks of tech companies that know how to market themselves, Microsoft probably isn't on the list. Instead, it's considered a stodgy old stalwart that is better known as a company many love to hate.

But an interesting thing has been happening lately: Microsoft is getting its groove back. At least when it comes to how it presents itself and its products to consumers.

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How well is your brand being Bing'd?

Now that the world has had a bit of time to get used to Bing in all its glory, we've been giving some thought to what new opportunities it could present to brands.

As somebody who spends a lot of time talking with organisations about how they can make the best of Social Media opportunities (but who also has a long history in the world of search) it's very exciting to see a brand new search engine. And not just a search engine; this appears to be a major shake-up in the world of search results.


Google eats Microsoft's lunch with the launch of Google Wave

Sometimes winning the brand wars is all about timing. Yesterday was Microsoft's day to shine. The software giant released a new product meant to loosen Google's vice grip on the search market. They hope that Bing will change the way people search online. But then a funny thing happened. Google had its own product launch.

While Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was announcing Bing at the All Things Digital conference in San Diego, Google unleashed the Google Wave, a product in development for over four years. And while Ballmer spoke to a room full of executive, a group of Google engineers announced their news to 4,000 developers armed with free Google phones at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco.


Bing! Microsoft launches new search engine with a blank page

News of Microsoft's new search engine Bing is all over the web today after CEO Steve Ballmer announced his company's new product today at the Wall Street Journal's All Things D conference. But curious searchers will have to wait. won't be live until June 3rd.

Press releases introducing the product sent viewers to a blank page this morning. Microsoft has since put up a landing page and demo video.

Bing is hoping to redefine search - calling its new product a "decision engine" instead of a search engine. But launching a product that won't be ready for a week?


Report: Microsoft's new search engine on the way

Despite Google's still-solid dominance of the online search market, Microsoft hasn't shed any of its search ambitions.

According to, Microsoft will unveil and demonstrate its new 'Kumo' search at the D: All Things Digital conference in California next week.

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