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Is PR broken?

Steve Rubel, a senior vice president at Edelman Digital, essentially asked in a recent blog post if PR is becoming obsolete.


BBC finally experiments with in-text 'links'

The BBC is experimenting with the idea of linking out to external sources from within the body text of its news articles, in a trial which will last for four weeks.

Obviously this is a good idea, though why it has taken a decade for the BBC to roll out a 'trial' is anybody's guess (though it won't have done any harm to The Beeb's own Pagerank).

However, the way it is going about this is, well, a little bit Noddy...


The Web Week in Review

What caught Drama 2.0's attention this week? Find out before you leave for the weekend in the latest installment of The Web Week in Review.


News of the World gets a new look

The News of the World is launching a new look website next week, with more of a focus on blogs and video content.

News of the World beta

There is a beta version of the site online now, so are the changes an improvement?


Product placement and branded entertainment - too much of a good thing?

Product placement and branded entertainment are appealing to marketers for a very good reason - having your product woven into a television show, for instance, potentially offers some very compelling advantages over traditional advertising, especially in the age of the Tivo.


For consumers and advertisers, content is still king

Recently, Viacom's CEO Philippe Dauman declared that content is still king. Some, myself included, never believed it had been dethroned.


The Web Week in Review

This week's news was quite a hodgepodge so without delay, let's end the week with a diverse version of Drama 2.0's The Web Week in Review.


Is blogging a dead-end profession and business?

It probably isn't a surprise that of the millions of blogs, the vast majority of active ones generate little to no revenue for their authors.

Yet is "professional" blogging, even at the highest levels, any more compelling a business opportunity than blogging at the lowest levels?


Site review: redesign

In a bid to catch up with its tabloid rivals online, launched the first stage of its website redesign last week, starting with a new look for the homepage.

New Mirror homepage

We've taken a look at the site to see what other improvements have been made...

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The Web Week in Review

Given my posts on Viacom's $1bn Google/YouTube lawsuit, it's no surprise that I was in a legal state of mind this week and that the news that caught my attention typically had some legal aspect to it.

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How Google could lose the Viacom/YouTube lawsuit - Part II

In Part I of this two-part series addressing the Viacom/YouTube lawsuit, I detailed why I think there's a reasonable likelihood that Google will be found liable for direct, contributory, and vicarious copyright infringement.


Site review: revamp unveiled its new look website this week, with the stated aim of increasing the number of pages each visitor views on the site.

New Telegraph homepage

We've taken a look to see how it shapes up...

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