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This week's top six infographics

Once again we round up six of the best infographics we've seen this week.

The topics include tech trends, Apple's cash reserves, big data, and the best ways to optimise your YouTube channel.

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Are brands overestimating the value of social data?

Brands love social media, and as evidenced by the number of high-dollar acquisitions of social media monitoring and analytics firms last year, they love the data that social media generates.

And, on the surface, there's a good reason for that: popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter give brands a front-row seat to the collective conversation consumers are having about their products and services. From that conversation, brands may, in theory, be able to gain valuable insights that help them connect with consumers and serve them better.


MVCs: five metrics for identifying your most valuable customers

A business can't thrive without customers, and for that reason, the efforts of marketers are often focused on new customer acquisition.

Unfortunately, many companies neglect their existing customers and one of the reasons this happens is that they don't ask a simple question: who are our customers?


This week's top six infographics

Here are six of the best infographics we've seen this week.

This time the topics include multiscreen content consumption, who to follow in the SEO industry, big data, the marketer's guide to actionable data and a look at how small businesses in Australia use social media.

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Big data: teams not technology

Big Data may be tough on our technology stacks, but the real challenges lie elsewhere.

Promises. Promises. Big Data sure makes a lot of them.

Increase the effectiveness of your sales (or political) campaigns by using behavioural data to divide customers into micro-segments.

Improve brand perception by monitoring the complex web of conversations across Twitter, Facebook and other channels and then engaging carefully with key influencers.  

Analyse internal processes to find opportunities to reduce costs and increase responsiveness.

Sounds great, but is it real? Are people actually doing such stuff, or is it all vendor hype?


Companies seek to understand their customers better in 2013: report

A business can't survive and thrive without customers, but when it comes to understanding customers, many companies feel like there's a huge gap between what they know and what they need and want to know.

In fact, companies "are desperate to understand more about their customer" according to Yesmail Interactive president Michael Fisher.


2013: the year of ‘smart data’

Yesterday, we looked at what some industry professionals think are the big trends in big data for the upcoming year. I had the chance to talk to Dr. Michael Wu, Chief Scientist at Lithium Technologies, about what he is looking at for his research in 2013.

For him, it's about smart data instead of the generics often spoken about around "big data."


Five big marketing mistakes companies make

For most businesses, marketing is a crucial component of success. If you can't market effectively, you can't sell and grow, and that spells trouble.

Thanks to the internet, the rise of digital marketing channels, and the abundance of marketing tools and technologies, companies have more marketing assets and capabilities than ever.

But figuring out how to use them correctly is often a challenge and there are a number of common mistakes that hold companies back. Here are five of the biggest and most detrimental.

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Big data in 2013: experts' view

Moving from conversations dominated by mobile to data, some marketers never want to hear the term 'Big Data' again. But with more and more companies in social and tag management utilizing the surge of data available to them, the big data conversation is not one that ended with the end of 2012.

We've already touched on big data with a post earlier this month by Patricio Robles on the challenges of big data in 2013, but this time we're hearing from some of the experts.

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Get close and personal with your customers

At the end of every year, executives and pundits put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to project how their industry will change in the months ahead.

Some years that change is downright incremental. In others, there’s a significant shift in how people do business, reach their customers, and make money.

2013 is one of those years.


Why you can't ignore programmatic marketing

When it comes to innovation, a corporate leader needs to be judicious.

After all, if you adopt every emerging trend in digital media, you’ll find your company brutally pulled in every direction, like Justin Beiber dropped into a crowd of crazed thirteen-year-old girls. 

But when it comes to the trends of data utilization and personalized media, now is not the time to be cautious.

If you ignore these trends, I have a Blockbuster store I'd like to sell you. If not, read on.

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Big data's 2013 challenge: making it small

Numerous trends are discernible in the predictions made for 2013. One of the most apparent: the continued rise of big data.

What big data is, the roles it is creating and data management best practices came into focus for many businesses in 2012, but putting big data to use will likely be one of the biggest challenges facing companies in 2013.

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