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Big data gives you a nice hammer. Not every problem is a nail.

Big Data: the backlash begins

After a cycle of hype, reality sets in. Big Data isn’t going to save the world.

People are starting to state the obvious. Big Data in itself has little value. Unless you connect it to organisational goals, it’s just another tech solution looking for problems to solve.


Google Now: it’s about the data not the service

There has been a lot of excitement about Google Now but the real story is about how it opens up a window on users' whole lives. 

If ‘data is the new oil’ then Google just found a much bigger oil field.

I recently gave a talk at Marketing Week Live about what Big Data analytics was starting to do for marketers and how new data sources are massively expanding this.

There’s an analytics revolution going on right now with loads of new analytical toys, a massive increase in board-level interest and lots of new data to work with. This revolution is powering many of the new mobile and social media start-ups.

But do not get distracted by the service when it is what’s under the hood that counts. The really clever thing about Google Now is not the magical but-slightly-creepy-and-telepathic service suggestions but the chance that it gives Google to know you much better and more deeply than any other firm on the planet.