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Posts tagged with Best Practice

Dust your dirty email database for pristine profits

It’s a commonly believed myth in email marketing that the more email addresses a sender has on their database, the higher their chance of success.

In fact, this is an inaccurate and detrimental approach and many email marketers don’t consider the consequences of contacting people who aren’t interested in their brand or, worse still, don’t exist.

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Crack the algorithm!

50 search marketing tips for beginners

How can you make the most of your SEO budget? What techniques get you penalised by the search engines? Is it possible to increase the returns on your optimisation investment?

Last month I wrote about how to fit SEO alongside your day job, so I’ve compiled this list of 50 rules and tips to help boost your website’s ranking and performance.


How do consumers feel about brands on Twitter?

Many companies are under the impression that opinion about brands on Twitter is mostly negative, but a new survey conducted by Econsultancy (and supported by Toluna) shows evidence to the contrary.

The Twitter for Business Guide, published earlier this week, includes findings from consumer research, which indicates that a higher proportion of consumers have conveyed positive, rather than negative feedback on the social platform. 


How to fit SEO alongside your day job

Can a small business owner really fit enough optimisation into their day to make a difference?

I often fall into conversation with ambitious men and women who’ve started their own businesses but can’t yet afford the services of an SEO agency. It’s often very frustrating for them.


Twitter for business: the experts' view

Earlier this year, Twitter celebrated its 5th anniversary. The social platform now has 200m users, generates over 200m tweets and handles over 1.6bn search queries per day. 

Twitter is now undoubtedly popular and many businesses use the site as a tool for marketing, PR, branding, engagement, customer service, and much more.

Despite this, companies still face barriers to getting the most value from the microblogging site, which is why Econsultancy has produced its first guide to Twitter for Business

If your business isn't using Twitter yet, it's worth considering the value it offers for your organisation. I've been talking to a number of experts about best practice on the platform, including business benefits, tips and pitfalls, and how to measure success. 


What are the 'low hanging fruit' opportunities for SEO?

We've covered SEO tips for SMEs and mobile search, now we're asking contributors to Econsultancy’s new SEO Best Practice Guide about the 'low hanging fruit' - things that companies can implement easily to improve their search rankings. 

Suggestions include the use of online video, Google Places, making use of social signals and optimising for research queries...  

John Lewis, Game and Play.com logos

Checkout best practice revisited

It’s been over two years since I published an article on the Econsultancy blog entitled: Are retailers following best practice to improve conversion rates?

In that article I was specifically looking at the checkout processes of a variety of retailers, and in particular whether or not they have enclosed (or in other words removed site wide elements and distractions to focus the user) the process. 

In this article I have revisited the retailers who featured in this article to see which of the retailers who didn’t enclose their checkouts then are now using this approach .

Enclosing the checkout is an approach I almost always recommend my retail clients adopt as a primary way of improving their checkout funnel conversion rate.

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WTF does usability best practice actually mean?

What constitutes usability best practice for e-commerce? In fact, what makes something/anything 'best practice'?

I’m the first one to say that I regularly refer to ‘usability best practice’ and best practice is certainly a phrase used often enough by Econsultancy. I thought it would be worth starting a discussion on what you think when they hear this term, and what you feel justifies having the label ‘best practice’.

Or perhaps you feel it should just be banished from our industry!


Five critical features of site search

In reality there are plenty of critical features about site search from the position of the search box itself to the way you guide the users actions from the search results page itself.

These five critical areas of site search ought to give you food for thought and, if implemented successfully, make a considerable difference to how your site search pages perform.


Mobile commerce: 25 essential tips

Mobile commerce is continuing to grow, and there are now plenty of compelling reasons why retailers should sell via mobile

There are more barriers than in traditional e-commerce, such as smaller screens, variable connections speeds, so if retailers are going to make mobile commerce work, then user experience is all important. 

With this in mind I've compiled 25 tips to help maximise conversions from mobile commerce... 


Email break-ups aren’t so very hard to do

“It’s not you, it’s me. Actually no, it is you. You keep sending me boring, irrelevant emails that I don’t want. Our email relationship was going really well at the beginning  but now its fizzled out and I’m unsubscribing from your emails. For one thing, you just send me way too much. It comes across a bit...desperate."

As an email marketer, does reading this make you cringe? Are you afraid this is what your email subscribers would say to you if they had the chance?

The unsubscribe process doesn’t have to be as painful as a “Dear John” break-up letter, but with the way some brands go about it, it might as well be.


PPC best practice demystified

Most of the search marketing advice currently available has a tendency to focus on those best practices that are easy to apply at a campaign or ad group level. This is because deploying best practice techniques, such as targeted ad-groups with relevant, keyword-specific ad copy, have proven they can generate great results.

However, while this may be the case, those search marketers who are tasked with running more complex, large-scale campaigns will know too well that being au fait with the best practices is merely a small part of their job.