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A marketer's guide to iBeacons and Bluetooth Low Energy

By combining the use of mobile apps and location-based services, marketers are able to reach out to their customers in the right place and at the right time to help increase engagement and drive conversions.

With GPS technologies becoming more advanced and 4G connections now available across many parts of the UK, location-based services are becoming more precise than ever. This is opening up a huge opportunity for marketers to send their customers targeted and relevant marketing campaigns. 

Currently, marketers are using GPS technology, as well as cellular and wifi connections, to locate people and their devices in order to push out relevant information to them.

For marketers who want to target specific areas, like an aisle in a supermarket or a display in a shop for example, these satellite signals not only drain the device’s battery life but also aren’t always as accurate as you might want them to be. This is where iBeacons and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) comes in. 


"Instant personalization" brings more privacy issues to Facebook

Facebook is thinking big with its new releases this week. The social network unveiled several new features at the company's f8 developer conference in California, including an expansion of Facebook Connect that adds social aspects of Facebook to partner sites, without any work for users.

This new feature, called “instant personalization,” is a way to access your social graph in more places online. But if users don't particularly want to know their friends' opinions on new sites — or if they have privacy concerns — opting out will become increasingly tricky. 


Facebook makes a huge privacy flub - again

Facebook is on top of the world. Its continued growth is nothing short of amazing and it now has over 175m members worldwide. It's adding 600,000 each day.

Of course, Facebook has yet to turn its popularity into the type of revenue it needs to thrive long-term but if there's one thing that could bring Facebook down, it's not revenue. It's privacy.