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BBC to create paid-for digital download service?

The BBC is said to be planning a new pay-to-download service for both its new and old TV programmes.

As reported by paidContent, BBC executives want to make all shows available as download-to-own (DTO) for around £1.89 per show from a service that it hopes would rival iTunes.


Sky's sound social media advice hijacked by brand police

Last night the Guardian released details of an email sent to Sky News employees that outlined new social media guidelines.

Of course, the most sensational part of this - that staff now seem to be banned from retweeting rival "journalists or people on Twitter" - has been highlighted by many amid cries of ‘they just don’t get it’.


BBC Sport website gets mixed reviews

The BBC today unveiled its new look sports website, which follows the redesign of its homepage in September. 

The new look includes replacing the side with top navigation, wider page layouts, and a new colour scheme, which is great if you like yellow and blue.

As always when the BBC makes any changes to its website, opinion is divided...


Sky launches new online TV service

Hot on the heels of a new deal to stream BBC iPlayer and ITV Player through its on-demand service, Sky has launched a new online service that makes its content available to non-Sky customers.

Launching in the first half of 2012, the service will include a range of content, including Sky Movies with sports added later in the year, on a variety of pricing options.

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BBC launches new homepage in beta

The BBC has been changing its homepage again, and the new beta version "demonstrates a new ‘visual-first’ approach to showcasing the breadth of our content on the web."

The new page looks good, and represents a significant change from the current version, which was introduced in February 2008


The BBC's misunderstanding of copyright goes beyond copyright

In the past week, the BBC has taken heat for its understanding of, and respect for, copyright.

Criticism of the BBC started when Andy Mabbett complained to the BBC about photographs of the Tottenham riots being published with little more than a note that they were "from Twitter".


Be assured: you’ll get phished

The depths to which people will sink to make an easy buck through internet scams never ceases to amaze me, and we have seen phishing scams which have used the recent earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. 

For example, in the aftermath of the New Zealand earthquake, disgraceful opportunists took advantage of this natural disaster by launching a scam, posing as the Red Cross to take advantage of the world’s sense of charity.

This serves as a grim reminder of the uncomfortable truth that we are never truly protected, especially when brands and ISPs are not doing everything possible to prevent phishing and spoofing scams.


iPlayer coming to the US...on an iPad

Is the iPad the future of media and publishing? Media moguls like Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson think it is. As a result, they're making big bets on the iPad.

Another big name apparently has a lot of faith in Apple's tablet device too: the BBC. According to reports, it is planning to launch a version of iPlayer in the United States, and has chosen to roll it out on the iPad.

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How much is the BBC spending on digital marketing?

By keeping its SEO in-house, and making the most of Twitter feeds, the BBC has kept its digital marketing spending to just over £1.6m last year, which is surprising considering the size of the organisation. 

A freedom of information request asked how much the BBC spent on digital marketing between 2009 and 2010, and which online marketing methods the corporation uses, and the answers are intriguing... 


BBC wants to take iPlayer global, producers balk

According to BBC Director-General Mark Thompson, "British ideas are no longer strangers in LA and the world’s other media capitals." But those outside of the UK -- including British citizens -- can't officially get their fix of British content through the BBC's iPlayer.

That's something Thompson hopes will be fixed, and fixed soon. In a speech at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, Thompson told attendees "Within a year we aim to launch an international commercial version of the iPlayer. Subject to Trust approval, we also want to find a way of letting UK licence payers and servicemen and servicewomen use a version of the UK BBC iPlayer wherever they are in the world."


The BBC crashes the HTML5 party

Flash is dead. Before long, HTML5 will take its place. That is, for a growing number of developers and companies, the common wisdom.

But that doesn't mean that everyone is convinced that HTML5 is anywhere near ready to take center stage. One of the skeptics: the BBC's Director of Future Media & Technology, Erik Huggers.


BBC News website redesign divides opinion

The BBC has unveiled its new look news website this morning, with a cleaner design and more social media integration the most obvious changes. 

The site has only been live for a few hours, but has already attracted a fair amount of criticism from users. I've been taking a look at the new site...