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BBC is the most shared UK news outlet on Twitter, Mail Online is fifth

The BBC and The Guardian are the most dominant UK news outlets in terms of the number of shares on Twitter, according to new data from PeerIndex.

UK Twitter users shared just over 4.2m articles from BBC News in January 2014, which apparently resulted in more than 100bn potential impressions of BBC content to Twitter users globally.

In comparison, content from The Guardian was shared 2.4m times via Twitter while The Telegraph came in third with 913,000 shares.

The research also shows the negative impact that paywalls have on social sharing, as The New York Times is the only paid-for online publications to make the top 10. For more on The NYT's business model, read our report on its recent native advertising trial.

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BBC trials bitesize news reports on Instagram video

The BBC has begun experimenting with using Instagram video as a way of distributing bitesize news reports.

Though the Beeb has been using Instagram video for some time, up to now the clips were just repurposed TV news footage. 

The new ‘#Instafax’ short form news service uses content specifically created for Instagram, with each video including a selection of images and facts that give a very brief outline of the story. 

It’s described as being “very experimental” at this stage and it’s great to see the BBC trialling innovative methods of sharing news and connecting with a younger audience.


BBC News embraces responsive design for new mobile site

The BBC announced this week that all mobile users who visit its news site would automatically be routed to the mobile optimised version.

The site has been live since March though, until now, many users had found themselves the trying to navigate the desktop version.

Creation of the mobile site was driven by consumer demand, as in an average week 13.3m users worldwide use their mobile or tablet to visit the BBC News site and apps - around one-third of total visitors to BBC News Online.

Like any good developer team should, the BBC’s techies have updated the site in recent months in response to user feedback so it now includes video clips and new personalisation options for local news and weather.


App review: BBC News on iPad & iPhone

Despite concerns expressed by commercial rivals, the BBC's first iPhone and iPad apps were released last week, with BBC News the first release. 

Publishers have been looking to mobile apps as another way to monetise their content, and they will be concerned about the BBC apps, though the Beeb justifies the apps with the assessment that the trend is towards free apps, and that its own entry into the market therefore wouldn't be so significant. 

I've been trying out the new BBC apps...