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The Telegraph launches iPad app #appreview

The Telegraph launched its first app for the iPad today, bringing the 'editor's selections' to the device. The app will be available for download daily from 5am. 

It's a free app, for a limited period anyway, which will be sponsored by Audi for the first 12 weeks. It's an interesting move, and a good alternative to the paid apps from The Times and others. 


I've been trying the new app out... 


Zara's mobile apps don't work

Zara finally launched online in the UK this month, but it also recently updated its mobile presence, and now offers transactional apps for the iPhone and iPad. 

I looked at the previous Zara iPhone app in January and it was pretty useless, with just a few product pictures, with no prices, and not even a store locator tool. 

I've been trying out the iPhone and iPad apps so see if Zara has improved its mobile offering, but have found plenty of issues with both... 


Tesco launches mobile commerce app for iPhone

Having already launched a mobile commerce offering through an app on Nokia's Ovi platform, retail giant Tesco has launched an iPhone version of its grocery app today.


The Ocado iPhone app has already proved to be popular, with 6% of all orders placed via iPhone in April, so you would think the potential for Tesco would be even greater, but how does the app (designed by Ribot) shape up? 


Twitter: iPad app review

Twitter has just released a new official version of its app for the iPad (iTunes link), and it looks like a strong competitor for Tweetdeck. 

I've been trying out the new app which, according to the Twitter blog, it has been designed to 'let the content shine'...


Dominos: iPhone app review

Dominos launched an iPhone ordering app in the UK this month. It had launched an 'app' last year, but this was actually a smartphone optimised site. 

As Meghan Keane pointed out last week, mobile can be very effective for fast food brands, and both Dominos and rival Pizza Hut have been quick to pick up on the potential of mobiles sites and apps. 


4 comments iPad app review

Fashion etailer Net-a-porter released an app for the iPad last week, which is an interactive version of the magazine, with video content and links to purchase items direct from its pages. 

It's an interesting alternative to simply providing a larger version of its mobile commerce app for the device, but how well does it work? app

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App review: BBC News on iPad & iPhone

Despite concerns expressed by commercial rivals, the BBC's first iPhone and iPad apps were released last week, with BBC News the first release. 

Publishers have been looking to mobile apps as another way to monetise their content, and they will be concerned about the BBC apps, though the Beeb justifies the apps with the assessment that the trend is towards free apps, and that its own entry into the market therefore wouldn't be so significant. 

I've been trying out the new BBC apps... 


Election 2010: app review

Having taken a look at the Labour and Conservative iPhone apps recently, I have come across an app that is potentially useful for all voters, not just the party faithful. 

The Election 2010 iPhone app is the work of Stuart Sharpe, and it provides a wealth of information about the election. 


Digg: iPhone app review

The Digg app for the iPhone was released yesterday, which allows mobile users to browse content and vote on stories,  as on the main site. 

I've been trying the new app out... 

1 comment iPhone app review

Price comparison service has just launched an iPhone app to allow shoppers to find price and product reviews when shopping offline. 

There are already some good mobile comparison apps and sites available, so i've been seeing how this new app compares... 


Auto Trader: iPhone app review

Motoring website Auto Trader launched an iPhone app yesterday, which contains car listings and reviews, as well as a number plate recognition tool. 

It's potentially a very useful app, so I've been seeing how user-friendly it is...


Voucher Cloud: iPhone app review

Voucher Cloud is an app developed by Invitation Digital that allows users to get discount vouchers straight to their mobile, as well as locating nearby businesses with special offers.

It's an excellent idea, and one which removes the need to print out vouchers to use discount codes offline. So does the app measure up?

Voucher Cloud app