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Will the Oracle-Google lawsuit kill the API?

As Google and Oracle duke it out in court over claims that the search giant violated copyrights and patents now owned by Oracle in developing Android, it appears that the battle may have wide-ranging ramifications.

Yesterday, a jury decided that Google violated Oracle copyrights related to the organization and structure of Oracle's Java APIs, but was unable to decide whether Google had a valid fair use claim.

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Box, Microsoft fight back against Google Drive

After years of waiting, Google finally launched Google Drive this week.

Naturally, Google's entry into the online storage market raised questions about some of the companies that have established themselves in the space, such as Dropbox. Will Google make it harder for them to grow and thrive, or will it fail to gain traction?

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Chrysler brings apps to the car's dashboard

Driving? There's an app for that.

At least that's what automaker Chrysler is hoping to hear in the near future thanks to latest version of its Uconnect software.

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Four steps to becoming a disruptive digital seller

Four steps to becoming a disruptive digital seller

For years, e-commerce practitioners have obsessed over the idea of a slippery funnel, built to maximize retail metrics like conversion rate and average order value.

Today’s disruptive digital products and services are quickly making this way of monetizing things obsolete.

Every connected device or service that hits the market, from tablets and televisions to ad platforms and social networks, brings with it new opportunities for marketing and selling your company’s goods and services. But in many cases, blindly pursuing the traditional retail path of pushing customers through a “shopping experience” will only alienate them.


You need an API, but not one like ESPN's

Are you a sports fan? Are you a developer? If you answered yes to both questions, ESPN wants to talk to you.

Why? Because the sports media giant has jumped on the API bandwagon and is courting developers who can take its content and data to build cool sports apps.


Spotify wants to become the Facebook of music

One of Facebook's biggest assets is the open platform it has built which enables developers to build apps that Facebook users can install and use while logged in to the social network.

Today, that platform not only helps Facebook generate billions in revenue, it has served as the foundation for other billion-dollar businesses, like social gaming giant Zynga.

So it's no surprise that another prominent consumer internet upstart, Spotify, is looking to Facebook and launching its own platform.

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Google applies limits and fees to the Maps API

The Google Maps API is probably one of the most popular APIs out there, and it's not hard to understand why. There are countless applications to which mapping functionality can be applied.

For developers and businesses looking for powerful mapping functionality, the free Google Maps API has been a godsend. But earlier this year, Google announced that it would be implementing usage limits for the Maps API, and on Wednesday, it followed through.


Twilio brings Voice APIs to the U.K.

APIs are a big part of the internet ecosystem today. From Facebook and Twitter to Google and Salesforce, if you name a prominent internet company today, chances are that it offers APIs to its customers and third party developers.

And for good reason: allowing others to create new products and services on top of yours can be a highly effective way to build value.

But while APIs are, for most companies, an add-on, a few companies are based almost entirely on their APIs. One of the most prominent that falls into that category is a company called Twilio, which offers APIs that allow its customers to build voice, VOIP and SMS applications.


Twitter to client developers: thanks, but your services are no longer needed

The rise of social media has been a boon for developers. Thanks to open platforms and APIs created by companies like Facebook and Twitter, developers have been able to help grow, and at the same time piggyback on, the success of some of the internet's most popular online properties.

But is the marriage between these properties and developers destined to come to a messy end?

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Six reasons why your brand should hop on the API bandwagon

The monolithic brands of the industrial age are giving way to the distributed, participative and democratized brands of the digital age.

In this post, I'll explain how APIs can take your brand in promising new directions by harnessing the power of the community...


Affiliate programs: five worst practices to avoid

Affiliate marketing isn't new, and many companies operating in the affiliate channel have significant experience operating affiliate programs. But this doesn't mean that plenty of affiliate program operators don't drop the ball. They do, and oftentimes, the mistakes they make are easily avoided.

Here are five worst practices that affiliate program operators can easily avoid.


APIs: should idealism trump pragmatism?

Last week, I wrote a post detailing five APIs that I think developers should know about. The reason: they offer useful functionality that most developers (and entrepreneurs) aren't going to want to build from scratch.

The post hit the Hacker News front page and sparked an interesting discussion. One participant, 'Figs', wrote, "Building software on top of someone else's web api is a really, really bad idea."