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BusinessWeek's Business Exchange: putting Web 2.0 in its proper place

In a post more than a year ago, I discussed the commoditization of social networks.

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Five open source Web 2.0 applications

Blogs, wikis, social networks, social news aggregator. Although there's certainly been a lot of hype around these things, when applied in the right circumstances they can serve a utility for many people and businesses.


Q&A: Kristofer Arwin of review site TestFreaks

TestFreaks, launched at the end of last year, is a consumer review site that aggregates technical information and opinions about a range of products.

It was founded by Kristofer Arwin, Magnus Wiberg and Martin Alexanderson, all of whom previously founded PriceRunner back in 1999.

We talked to Kristofer about his plans for the TestFreaks, and how he aims to make it into the world's biggest product review site...


Buzz up!

Yahoo just made Yahoo Buzz open to all publishers and if you run a blog or publish content online, you might want to consider adding Yahoo Buzz to your website.

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Site review: launched back in November 2006, with a shopping comparison site that enabled users to search for clothing and other fashion items by using both text and images as queries. homepage

Since then, it has been redesigned completely, so we've taken a look to see how it has developed... 


Delicious launches revamped website

Online bookmarking service Delicious has relaunched with an improved version of its site, with improvements including an enhanced search facility.

New Delicious homepage

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Q&A: Thomas Busch of Careerjet

Careerjet is a job search engine that began as a bet by its founders, Thomas Busch and Jean-Benoit Andrieu.

It appears they have won - it now aggregates content from over 59,000 sites daily, and currently displays upwards of 21m vacancies.

We talked to Busch about the site's development and the semantic technology behind its search functions.


The AP tussles with the blogosphere

Where does copyright end and fair use begin? In the age of the blogosphere, this question is proving to be a difficult and painful one for copyright holders and bloggers to come to an agreement on.


Site review: The Filter

The Filter, Peter Gabriel's new online music, movies and video recommendation service launched this week.

As with, it aims to provide users with recommendations based on their preferences and listening habits, but is it as good?

The Filter 

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Site review: BookRabbit - for readers?

BookRabbit, launched last week, is a new website which aims to do for books what has done for music on the web.



Data portability - a red herring?

If you are to believe data portability proponents, one of the biggest challenges facing the internet today is the difficulty users have in sharing their data across multiple services.


Q&A: Bill Flitter of Pheedo on RSS advertising

Pheedo is a US-based RSS ad network that serves ads through feeds, among other things.

We caught up with CEO and co-founder Bill Flitter to find out more about RSS  advertising and how it might finally put the debate over partial versus full feeds to bed.