Author: Tom Albrighton


I’m a copywriter based in Norwich, UK, trading as ABC Copywriting. I’ve been writing and editing professionally for 17 years, first in publishing houses and design studios since 2005 as a freelance. Most of my work is now online, and often includes SEO. I do a lot of B2B, some B2C and also some speciality work like academic editing. I blog here and tweet here

Six problems with social search

While social signals seem to reflect the human value of a page, they could also bring a host of potential biases and distortions.


Are we in a social media bubble?

In the years before the financial crisis, we saw asset values rocketing, a host of new buzzwords appearing and a shared conviction that growth would be eternal. So how is that different from social media right now?


Aiming content at competitors

Some brands, by their nature, find it hard to build a social profile and reap the SEO benefits. One way round this is to build a community of peers and competitors rather than customers. 


Google's Farmer update and the squeezed middle

Google's Farmer update has made it harder to build search and social profiles with mediocre or derivative content.

And that's likely to hit medium-sized firms harder than anyone...