Author: Steve Richards

Steve Richards

Digital marketing background, having co-founded Swordfish in 1998.

MD of social media agency, Yomego since 2008. Launched the Social Media Reputation (SMR) service which provides data combined with actionable insight tailored to clients' marketing strategies and KPIs. The 'SMR score' benchmark is a popularity index which ranks brands alongside their competitors.

Lessons in social media for universities

Despite Facebook having its roots in universities, the education sector has an uneasy relationship with social media.


What your online reputation can tell you

Monitoring what your customers are saying about you online can help you develop a better product. However, some travel companies could do more to improve their online reputations.

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How can brands use Facebook Credits?

The full introduction of Facebook Credits, and their availability (in the US at least) as gift vouchers in offline retailers, opens up a whole new world for brands on Facebook.

The early adopters are, as expected, social gamers: Facebook and Zynga settled their differences earlier this year to agree that players of Zynga games (such as Farmville) can use Facebook Credits to buy virtual goods.

The implications are enormous. Suddenly, Facebook offers a new revenue stream for brands, and has itself a sustainable revenue model that doesn’t rely on the fickle advertising market.


Why you need a social media strategy, not a Facebook strategy

The first venture into social media for many companies, whether a small start up or a big brand, is to create a Facebook page to 'experiment' with social media, which is seen as an add on to other marketing activities.

But just putting a page up onto Facebook, with no coherent social media strategy, is unlikely to do anything for a brand.


Increasing the impact of an ad campaign using social media

In this post I'm looking at the world of real multichannel advertising, and how brands can extend the impact of a TV advertising campaign well beyond its airtime.

Earlier this month (May 2010), Bain & Company and the IAB concluded the final part of its year-long study into ‘Building Brands Online’.

The study (PDF) reports the need for brand advertisers to: ‘develop and utilise more innovative ad formats’; ‘cast a wider net for creative ideas’; and ‘drive cross-platform campaign integration’; in order to realise the real potential value of online advertising.


Politics and social media: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

This month I’ve continued the theme from the last post on TV brands and social media,  and have applied our social media reputation scoring to the political domain.

So whose performance is good, whose is bad and which party’s approach is downright ugly?


TV brands and social media: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I’ve set myself a social media challenge: to look at three brands every month within a specific industry to find out how well they’re doing in the social media space, or not.

I’ll rate them in terms of their performance alongside others in the same sector. I’ll share what I find here and really welcome your comments on my findings.