Author: Matt Swan

Matt Swan

Affiliate categorisation is outdated

As the affiliate channel continues to become more sophisticated, it is becoming increasingly difficult to categorise affiliates based on their promotional type.

With boundaries becoming blurred, affiliates should be assessed on their individual merits rather than grouped by their traditional category.

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How to reward affiliates based on value

In her recent post on Econsultancy, Helen Southgate, the chair of the IAB Affiliate Marketing Council discussed the myths associated with attribution within the affiliate channel.

She rightly pointed out that the affiliate market is not looking for an alternative to the last click model.


The rise of mobile in affiliate marketing

With 51% of mobile users in the UK having already interacted with m-commerce, there is significant opportunity for advertisers who embrace the channel.

Previously, I investigated the development of mobile commerce through the affiliate channel, analysing the data for the first quarter of 2011.

As we enter the third quarter, it provides an opportunity to study the growth trends demonstrated throughout the second quarter.


The change in affiliate promotional types by sector

Previously I investigated the change in affiliate promotional type across the network. This post examines how this varies across three sectors and highlights the reasons behind this.

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Mobile commerce through the affiliate channel

2011 is anticipated to be the year of mobile commerce and a strong performance over the Christmas period intimated that mobile commerce was really taking off.

This post firstly examines the rise in affiliate sales that have been seen through mobile devices across the Affiliate Window platform. It then investigates the impact that has been seen across two advertisers on the network that have fully optimised mobile sites and uncovers some interesting findings.


The importance of a strong conversion rate in the affiliate channel

As competition in the affiliate marketplace intensifies so advertisers should be optimising their campaigns wherever they can.

An obvious, yet often overlooked, place to start is click to sale conversion rate.


Affiliate marketing: how promotional methods are changing

Throughout the past six years, there has been a significant shift in the promotional methods used by affiliates to drive sales to merchants.

It is important to understand how and why this shift has occurred and ways advertisers can implement strategies to engage with all affiliate types.


Five tips for running a successful lead-based affiliate campaign

The affiliate channel has always offered advertisers the opportunity to deliver large volumes of leads; the challenge remains both assessing the value and assigning an appropriate reward for those leads.

Here are five tips for advertisers to help them to run a successful lead-based affiliate campaign.


How retailers can make the most of cashback sites

For some advertisers, merely being listed on cashback sites is enough for them. For the savvier retailer, planning a strategy around cashback sites involves setting additional targets to sit alongside the sales’ volumes they hope they’ll achieve. 


How can retailers use affiliates for customer acquisition?

New customer acquisition is a key metric for many merchants and the affiliate channel has demonstrated its ability to drive new customers at low costs.

With more online retailers interrogating the data that is available to them, affiliate networks are able to highlight the volume of new customers they are capable of delivering through their affiliate partners.


Dispelling the myths of cashback sites

There are a number of myths that are associated with cashback sites portraying them in a negative light. 


Should marketers use cashback sites?

Cashback sites are continuing to deliver vast volumes of sales for the advertisers that work with them. There has been considerable growth in the sector over the past couple of years and this has shown no sign of slowing.

Cashback sites will typically be among the top earning affiliates on most, if not all, affiliate networks.